Let’s Look at Who is Doing the Killing in Chicago

Let’s listen to the liberal argument for just a moment. Cops are killing at least three people a day across the nation. Therefore, cops are the problem and we must completely overhaul police departments across the nation.

Why is it that the cops are the ones that are being accused of doing all of the killings? They kill in the name of self-defense because there are criminals that refuse to follow laws.

Chicago is a bigger problem than police killings across the entire nation. In just one city, 24 people were shot over the weekend. Mayor Lori Lightfoot shows yet again that she’s completely inept when it comes to governing the city.

Out of the shootings across the city, there were three fatalities. Three. This means that there were more deaths in Chicago due to gun violence than from law enforcement run-ins across the entire country.

It seems as though Chicago has bigger problems.

The first fatality was when an 18-year-old man was shot dead on Friday night.

The second fatality was when a seven-year-old girl was shot numerous times while in a fast-food drive-thru with her father.

The third fatality was then a 43-year-old man was shot in the chest while standing on a sidewalk.

These were all accidents. None of these people were guilty of crimes. They weren’t resisting arrest. They were simply living their lives when gun violence erupted on the streets.

Since the beginning of 2021, there have been 163 people killed in Chicago. That means that it’s time to focus on what Chicago is doing wrong.

If the goal of going after law enforcement like the liberals are doing is to protect the sanctity of life, we need to think bigger.

Three people dying at the hands of law enforcement a day across the U.S. is sad – though there wouldn’t be any loss of life if those individuals would simply surrender instead of resisting arrest.

There have been over 160 deaths in Chicago alone since the beginning of the year all because they have gang problems. They have people who own guns illegally and are mindlessly shooting guns out of moving car.

Mayor Lightfoot and the rest of the liberals around the nation cannot demand that police departments are overhauled until the bigger problem of street violence is addressed.

If police departments are overhauled while such violence is still running rampant, the problem is only going to get worse. Police presence serves as a crime deterrent.

Many of those deaths in Chicago would not have occurred if there were police nearby. And if there were police nearby, those people could have been arrested so that they didn’t have a chance to kill again.

There has to be a reasonable trade-off when it comes to violence. Are we going to punish the criminals for committing crimes or are we going to punish the police officers for trying to arrest the criminals?

The liberals would rather punish the police officers. How dare they touch a criminal! How dare they use a chokehold to avoid getting shot at. How dare they shoot when a criminal is holding a gun at them.

Yet, in the way that the liberals want things to be run, no one will take down the criminals. Problems like what’s being seen in Chicago will rise – and the problems will spread to every major city in the U.S.

Sure, deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers may drop, but how many more senseless murders will there be?

Lightfoot has watched crime rise, yet she still wants to demand that the police be defunded. And the same can be said about every other liberal mayor and governor around. They’re content to watch crime rise as long as the police departments are defunded so that they can’t hurt anyone. Because letting innocent children get murdered while they wait for their Happy Meal is completely acceptable…