Water’s Man Gets Arrested After He Attacks National Guard

Mad Maxine Waters is turning heads again as she interferes with the justice system in Minnesota. Her big mouth spewed a ton of hateful words that were meant to incite violence against the judge and police if the cop that is on trial were to be acquitted of all charges. Her attempts to intimidate the jury have caused millions of people to demand that action be taken against her by Nancy Pelosi.

But spineless Pelosi has decided to drag her feet and look the other way as a member of her party defames the justice system and performs acts of treason against the country. Waters is guilty of the very crimes that they all tried to pin on Donald Trump and failed. But for waters, she actually did tell people to stay out and riot.

The Californian Democrat has no business being in Minnesota in the first place. She has willing turned her back on the people who voted for her to push a personal agenda on people. The problem with her interfering is that some people actually listen to her and perform violent actions hoping to sway the outcome of the trial.

One man named Andrew Thomas was taken into custody after Maxine Waters got him to pull out a gun and take shots at the National Guard. Her call for more confrontation led to this man trying to kill Americans. She is as much as responsible for his actions as he is based on what she tried to pin on Donald Trump.

Thomas is a 28-year-old man that had his entire life in front of him. And he threw it all away by listening to a corrupt politician telling people to break the law. The Guard came under attack by Thomas as they drove around the area in their vehicle.

The Justice Department reported that “one bullet went through the windshield of the team’s military vehicle in which there were four soldiers. Two of the Minnesota National Guard sustained minor injuries. One went to the hospital for injuries from shattered glass. The other was treated at the scene for superficial injuries.”

Water’s big mouth led to these soldiers being hurt in the line of duty. She is an enemy of the state because her leadership words caused a man to decide to commit an act of war against the military.

The liberals think that they can get away with anything. But they fail to understand that everything they do is caught on video. The police were quickly able to locate the vehicle.

Thomas knew exactly what he had done because the police tried to pull him over, he went into evasive action.

When the police were finally able to get Thomas to stop the car, they noticed that there was a minor in the car with him. They were able to get the minor out of the car and found that Thomas had several guns in the car, which he used to try and murder the soldiers.

Thomas could not clean out his car fast enough before the police found bullet casings that matched those at the crime scene. Thomas is one of the world’s dumbest criminals. His first mistake was to listen to a Democrat, and he failed to plan out his crime. Democrats react, and they never think things through. Thomas will spend the rest of his life as a felon for listening to mad Maxine Waters.

Thomas also faces charges of being a felon in possession of a gun. He was previously convicted of a third-degree assault charge. One would think that the Democrats would want to cry gun control here, but they know that he did not get the gun legally, so they really have no argument with which to push that part of their plan.

He may not have been formally charged yet as the shooter, but there is no doubt that he is their man. And while Thomas is facing the end of his future, the Republicans are demanding Waters be held accountable for her crimes as well. She deserves to be expelled from the House for her actions against the United States.