Mexico Tries to Bribe Biden…and It Might Work

There’s a problem at the border, and we all know it. Even Biden has called it a crisis, though it’s unclear what he plans to do about it.

Now, it seems as though the Mexican President is ready to take advantage of the situation. Since it’s clear that the U.S. cannot or will not fix the problem, President Obrador swoops in with an impressive bribe.

President Obrador has issued an offer. If the U.S. issues more work visas to Mexican citizens, they’ll work to curb the immigration problem at the southern border.

The full offer will be presented to President Biden during the summit on climate change. Essentially, the goal is to create over a million jobs and unite North America so that they can properly challenge Asia.

Participants who enter the reforestation program could obtain U.S. work visas and eventually gain U.S. citizenship. Obrador has said, “this would allow us to order the flow of migration, which overflowed in March.”

Note that Obrador is only offering to order the flow of migration if Biden allows for these U.S. work visas. This is not an offer or an agreement. This is a bribe. Do this for us and we’ll do this in return.

This kind of offer wouldn’t have flown during the Trump administration. Why? Trump had already worked a solution to curb migration – and that involved treaties with all of the Central American governments.

Those treaties don’t exist anymore. A quick executive order created by Biden saw to that.

Now, it seems that the only way that the migration will be curbed is if Biden signs a deal with Mexico that would give even more jobs to Mexicans instead of to U.S. citizens.

Biden already knows that he has to do something. The migration crisis has turned into a humanitarian crisis. And if he’s waiting for Kamala Harris to do something, he’ll be waiting until the end of his term (and beyond). She wants to see the migration. So, to her, no curbing is necessary.

A tweet from the editor of Mexico Today, José Díaz-Briseño, explained that Obrador has so little to offer at the Earth Day Summit because of being a fossil-fuel nationalist. So, he’ll use whatever leverage he can by offering to plant trees in exchange for US citizenship.

The problem with such an offer is that it takes away job opportunities for Americans. Many young adults in rural towns will seek out forestry jobs. However, if Biden were to take the deal being offered, it would mean that more Mexicans than ever would be granted H-2A and H-2B visa programs to work in the agriculture sector.

These aren’t the only visas that are causing Americans to lose out on jobs to migrants. L-1 and TN visa programs are designed to allow Mexicans and other migrants to take white-collar jobs from American graduates. Approximately 1.5 million white-collar visa workers are employed by Fortune 500 companies.

With such programs in place, Americans are losing out on jobs – and that forces them into student loan debt, Welfare programs, and more.

The Biden administration has made it clear that they’re not interested in anything that focuses on putting Americans first.

Although progressives are all for opening the borders and allowing migrants to come in and take whatever jobs they want, there are many moderate Democrats and Republicans who are fearful of what the migration could do to the economy.

This is a big decision that Biden has to make. If he takes the deal, he has essentially accepted a bribe from a foreign nation – and it will make him look weak. It will also mean that the liberals lose the constant flow of migration.

If he doesn’t take the deal, it helps to protect American jobs. However, it also means that the migration will continue since there’s no hope of Harris or anyone else stepping in to close the borders.

What we really need is a counteroffer. The question is whether Biden can find one that actually focuses on the needs of Americans.