America’s Stockholm Syndrome

A few years ago, the media wasn’t as kind to the Office of the President as it is today. A war of words and a disagreement over the principles of honest journalism kept them at odds. President Trump wanted fair and impartial coverage, the media didn’t agree. In general, the media seemed to be the shill of the Democratic party, and the constant voice of left-wing propaganda in our ears. Since that time, things have changed.

No, not what the media vomits out onto the airwaves, they’re still the same old propaganda broadcasting network for the left-wing, Democratic machine. It’s not the message that has changed, rather, it’s the tone. They went from a doomsday, the sky is falling, pessimistic rhetoric to a happier, everyone is great, and things are looking up tune.

This is readily apparent in the depiction of Biden’s executive order production. It seems there’s a new one every day, and according to the media, it’s all confetti and sprinkles. Funny, but isn’t this the same media that was blasting President Trump for the 220 executive orders he was responsible for in 4 years’ time? (That’s an average of 55 a year, for those keeping score.)

I seem to remember Democrats complaining about executive orders circumventing the existing system of checks and balances and proper channels. Of course, they ignored the 640 passed by the previous 2 Democratic presidents. Those apparently didn’t bother them as much.

They seem to have forgotten to monitor the output of President Biden’s office. He’s on pace to set a record. He passed Trump’s mark of 55 a year in the first 3 months in office.

Following their new confetti and sprinkles choreography, the media now dances around the issue. No longer are Executive Orders painted as illegitimate or sneaky, now they’re “Smart Actions” in direct response to whatever issues they’re trying to cram down America’s collective throats. Odd. It’s as if the media has a different agenda now.

The voices that once called President Trump a dictator for using executive orders are now calling President Biden groundbreaking and innovative. Conveniently, they ignore the optics apparent at the very start of his presidency. A capitol devoid of civilians, patrolled by armed men, and littered with fences and barbed wire, yet still festooned with red, white, and blue buntings. In other words, every dictator and banana republics’ favorite design motif.

When President Trump and Russian President Putin had disagreements, they called it the beginning of the second cold war. Yet, President Biden calls President Putin a “Killer with no soul,” and the media rejoices at his temerity. The fact that this man would risk 30 years of diplomacy so frivolously is ludicrous. This is especially concerning when you consider his motivation for doing so was political grandstanding.

Tossing gas on the fire he started, he further declared that Putin would “Pay the price” for meddling in the election. Something an independent committee found no evidence of. No matter, though. Who needs evidence when you’re backed by the power of national media?

Speaking of evidence, President Trump had evidence that the Democrats outright cheated in the election. With no media support, it fell on deaf ears. In fact, many of those responsible for the safeguarding of America’s elections shirked their responsibilities to the public at the time. After it was too late, several key court cases proved President Trump correct in his assertions. Guess what? The media neglected to share that information with the American people.

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s guidance to “Presume the accuracy” of absentee ballots was ruled invalid by State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray in March 2021. Essentially, she changed the rules without due process in what we can only assume was an attempt to ensure formerly invalid ballots would be counted as valid. The “Dump” of Joe Biden votes in the form of hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots should not have been counted. They were, Biden won the state, and the media remained silent.

As long as we live in a world where the media has the ear of Americans, there will be groups attempting to control that media. The Nazis were masters at it. The Democratic media, it seems, has been taking lessons. They continue to paint a rosy picture of a Biden presidency portrayed against a grey background of Trump’s efforts, and, in the process, attempt to control the narrative.

Eventually, Americans will see through this national brainwashing. Until then, the few of us that can still think freely enough to question their motives will need to be patient with our fellow Americans.

In the meantime, we should all keep up on the latest research on Stockholm Syndrome. We seem to have a national case on our hands.