Fox News Hosts Order for Police in Conflict Has Even Embarrassed Even Liberals

The criticism for law enforcement has been in no short supply in recent days (or rather, months … no, years, final answer). Not only do high-profile cases like Derek Chauvin bring law enforcement officers into the spotlight, but the issue of racism itself has become tangled with what it takes an officer to do his job.

While the recommendations about how to change policing have flowed like rainwater toward the sewer, Americans might have thought they could expect those on Fox News to have a somewhat reasonable take on the matter. Those people would be disappointed when they heard the social justice stylings of Juan Williams, co-host of Fox News’s “The Five.”

Williams has himself been criticized after his suggestion that the Columbus, Ohio, police officer who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant should have fired a “warning” shot instead of taking her life, as The Blaze reported.

The Fox host’s inflammatory comments came on Thursday while he was talking about the controversial police shooting during “The Five.” He was queried by co-host Jesse Watters to not just tell officers what they shouldn’t do, but come up with something that they should do, instead of using lethal force:

“I guess I would shoot the gun, not necessarily at somebody, but maybe shoot the gun and maybe, you know, run at the person and try to disarm them, I don’t know,” Williams said.

“So wait, wait, you would shoot the gun in the air like a warning shot?” asked Watters.

“Well, hopefully, to distract her and try to stall or something so I could get — or my partner could get the knife away,” Williams said. “I don’t know, taking someone’s life is pretty strong.”

“I don’t know if that would work,” Watters replied.

“I don’t either, I don’t either, Jesse!” Williams admitted.

“I think that that woman with a knife is a danger to society, and certainly a danger to the other person, and we want her to stop and be disarmed,” Williams explained. “I just also think that killing a human is pretty radical. I don’t think that’s a good thing.”

Williams view didn’t sit well with many of his viewers, most of whom could see how incredibly reckless and unrealistic the solution was:

“Idk who needs to know this, but warning shots are not safe in condensed neighborhoods.. Bullets don’t just disappear when fired,” replied one viewer.

“These dim bulbs failed physics, gun safety, and Research101 into weapons discharge by any LEO,” replied talk show host David Webb.

“It appears that Juan’s been watching too many Bonanza, Big Valley, and Gunsmoke reruns on MeTV,” joked another critic.

Williams has displayed, once again, how even the most well-meaning liberal seems to have a complete disconnect with the realities of what it is to work in law enforcement. The Fox News host, and others of his ilk, claim to have hearts full of compassion but seem to, instead, pander to whoever it is most expedient for them to appease on any given day.

But maybe liberals distance themselves from the profession of law enforcement in general because their claim to love peace more than the enforcement of the law is true.

However, it seems more likely (based on both conjecture and hard evidence) that a decent percentage of liberal-leaning individuals themselves, and family members of such, pursue a career in law enforcement. The funny thing is, they don’t seem to stay liberal/progressive for long.

There aren’t many bleeding heart cops, because the liberal spin isn’t reality, it’s just that, a spin, convenient and maybe even fun for now, but destined to make you sick and cause you to fall down.