Mask Wearing Still Required, Leaving Americans to Question Vaccine Efficacy

The Democrats love exerting control on Americans. And forcing the mask issue well into 2021 is a perfect example of it all.

There’s a reason why Trump pushed as hard as he did to get the vaccines created and approved. It was to resume a normal life.

Yet, as more Americans get vaccinated, the Democrats continue to say that we need to keep wearing masks – even around those who have also been vaccinated.

Enough is enough, and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is saying that it is having a “deleterious effect” on Americans. As long as the Biden administration continues with its mask alarmism, people are going to think twice about being vaccinated.

When Senator Paul appeared on “Fox News Primetime,” he heavily criticized Dr. Fauci and a number of government officials, including President Biden, for continuing to promote and justify continued mask-wearing by the public.

If we were to listen to the Biden administration, we should be wearing masks in all public situations, regardless of vaccination status. In a room with a bunch of people who have all been vaccinated? It doesn’t matter, masks are still required.

Senator Paul has begun questioning the efficacy of fully vaccinated Americans. After all, fully vaccinated is supposed to provide a high percentage of protection. As the mask push continues, it will work against vaccination promotions. Why get poked if the vaccine isn’t really going to protect?

The Senator pokes fun at Biden for wearing a mask during a Zoom call with world leaders. There’s literally no one around the president – and those he is speaking to are on their computers in their countries. He’s spreading fear and a lot of misinformation.

Throughout the White House, Congress has been vaccinated. And masks are being worn. Yet, people are still being tested with the deep sinus swab. Why? It’s the main question that Senator Paul has, and has said that it’s fear-mongering because “there is no science behind any of this.”

Americans want to get back to normal. At this point, we’ve been wearing masks for over a year. No one wants to wear one anymore. And if the vaccine was the answer to get back to normal, why is it that masks are still being required?

It’s about control and fear. The Biden administration wants to keep people fearful. And, they’d rather let their fear of COVID get the best of them to the point that they stop listening to science. This fear is what keeps so many cities in lockdown. It’s what keeps so many mask mandates in place. And, it’s what keeps so many kids out of the classrooms.

It all has to end. If there’s ever the hope of getting large percentages of Americans vaccinated, there has to be a message of hope. There has to be an encouraging thing to look forward to.

Right now, the only thing the media has done is to tell people to get vaccinated while also encouraging the use of masks. Oh, and the media can’t help but blow things out of proportion when someone has a reaction to the vaccine.

No wonder there are so many Americans who are hesitant. They’re told to get poked because it will slow the spread. Really? Staying home and wearing a mask was supposed to slow the spread, too. Yet, here we are a year later still dealing with COVID-19.

A clear message has to be sent. And Senator Rand Paul is absolutely right. The only way to encourage vaccinations is to let people realize that normal is in sight. Let’s loosen the mask mandates, especially for those who have already been vaccinated. Otherwise, it might be time to say that the vaccines really aren’t as effective as everyone claims that they are.

Either way, fear-mongering isn’t the answer. Yet, that’s what the Biden administration will best be known for.