Michigan Baby Representative Cries About Being Arrested for Being Drunk and Threatens to Call Whitmer About the Matter

Jewell Jones is the 26-year-old sensation that hit that Michigan political scene as he was once the youngest politician to be elected to the statehouse. He has served in various positions, including that of a city council. But with all of his experience that he has gained in a short amount of time, there is a lot that he still has to learn.

The young boy failed to learn that professionals have to live at a higher standard of life than other people. As an elected official, he is expected to obey the laws and not do anything that will cause a sour taste to appear in those that voted for him. But his actions have led to him getting into a fight with law enforcement.

The police confronted the young boy, and it was found that the drunk had a blood-alcohol level of .19. He was caught behind the wheel of the car and taken into custody for driving while intoxicated. The story would have never made the news except the cry baby decided to threaten police in a unique way.

The drunken kid started threatening the police that he would make a call to his mama Gretchen Whitmer for the way they were doing their job. He wanted badge numbers and names so he could turn his mama loose on them in an effort to get out of being arrested and taken to jail.

He honestly believed that his governor was going to come to the jail and bail him out by forcing the police to let him out. His confrontation with the police was just the tip of the story as it unfolded before the world.

The boyish politician was found to be driving a car in the wrong direction while he was intoxicated. Other drivers tried to call 911 and get him stopped before he ended up in an accident. But he would end up wrecking his car.

His pride and pompous spirit were seen in his license plates that boasted “ELECTED.” He pridefully loved the fact that he was elected to the world of politics, and he began to think that he was somehow above the law living life as a Democrat.

And if driving the wrong way was not humiliating enough, when the police arrived on the scene, it was discovered that he was with a woman, and they both had their pants down. The woman was so intoxicated that she would vomit all over the place. She could not stand up straight and was later found unresponsive as the paramedics started to work on her body.

Jones was so drunk that he pridefully boasted that he and his drunken woman were essential people. He pulled out a badge and began flashing it to people. As if his “badge” was a license to live a reckless lifestyle and put other people in danger with dangerous driving.

Law enforcement showed up on the scene and asked for his identification. But the minor boy politician said he was not going to give in to them. The drunk Democrat would not cooperate with the police force that he politically hates with a passion.

He would experience the truth that Democrats answer to the same laws that all other people must follow. The police placed the little man into handcuffs, which is when Jones would cry out that he would “call Governor Whitmer right now. When I call Gretchen I need y’alls IDs and badges.”

Jones’ trouble did not stop with being placed in the back of the police car. It was discovered that he had a gun concealed in his car. He would be charged with drunk and reckless driving, carrying a gun while drunk, resisting arrest, and obstruction.

Jones thought he was special because he was a kid elected to do a man’s job. He let his position of power go to his head, and his fall was loud and clear. He learned the hard way not to drink and drive and not call out that he will call mother Whitmer to save his soul from the police.