Harris’ Sick Gift for Kids in Migrant Detention Considered Cruel and Unusual by Conservatives

Migrant children being held by the Department of Health and Human services have it rough, there’s no about it. Not only are they separated from family (whether before leaving to cross the border or once apprehended), but they have no idea what the future will hold when it will hold it, or when they’ll be able to be reunited with their families.

That’s why it seems particularly heinous that someone would attempt to somehow better themselves at the hands of these pitiful souls.

According to a report in Breitbart News, the White House had no real answer for why Vice President Kamala Harris chose to potentially profit off ensuring that her newly released book was included in the “Welcome package” being passed out to the migrant children entering the facility.

“The White House could not say Monday whether Vice President Kamala Harris is profiting from her book being included in welcoming packets given to migrant children,” Breitbart reported.

“I’d have to certainly check on that,” Psaki said during the White House press briefing. “Hear it’s a good book.”

The book in question, Harris’s 2019 children’s book Superheroes Are Everywhere, is being handed out at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in California, according to a report in The New York Post on Friday.

The Post published photos of Harris’s book being handed out in the welcome packages, questioning whether there was a vested interest for the now-Vice President of the United States.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki During the press briefing on Monday why it was that the book was being included in welcome packets and whether Harris was making a monetary gain as a result.

“I’d have to check with our Health and Human Services team,” Psaki said, unable to offer a response.

According to Breitbart’s report, if the books were purchased to be included in the packages, versus being donated by the Vice President and her publisher, it could spell big trouble for the VP, as she would be considered to be profiting off of the migrant crisis.

“White House officials have not responded on the record to questions about the book but privately have told reporters that Harris was not aware of the practice,” Breitbart reported.

However, a White House official reportedly told Newsweek that the welcome packages were part of the city’s donation effort and were organized by the community, versus what could have been seen as the US government purchasing large quantities of an item that the vice president makes money off of.

Newsweek reported that the city was in no way involved financially in procuring the books:

“The City of Long Beach, in partnership with the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, has a citywide book and toy drive that is ongoing to support the migrant children who are temporarily staying in Long Beach at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shelter,” said Kevin Lee, chief public affairs officer for the city. “The single book you reference is one of the hundreds of various books that have already been donated. The book was not purchased by HHS or the City.”

Republican majority leader Kevin McCarthy has not been impressed with Harris overall, saying voiced his frustration with the White House answer to the question on social media.

“This should be a straight yes or no answer from the White House: are taxpayers paying for copies of the Vice President’s book to be handed out at migrant shelters?” he asked.

Conservatives and a large portion of those who reside in southern states are asking themselves the question, is the Biden administration concerned about Coronavirus, or are they concerned with keeping migrants safe. Because the current state of illegal immigration would seem to preclude them from considering both equally at this time.