Disgusting! Look How The Liberals are Packing the Library at This School

The Democrats are hoping that they will be able to pack the courts somehow so they can get rid of the conservative majority standing in their way of total domination in America. The uncertainty of the times has a lot of people on edge. But the courtroom is not only the place liberals are trying to take over. They want to corrupt and pollute the minds of little kids everywhere.

The San Diego Unified School District was told that they would force schools to put in the schools over 2,000 donated books aimed at teaching transgender education to small kids. The Gender Nation group wants to pack the library with what they are calling “age-appropriate LGBTQ+ inclusive” books.

The liberals want not just to take over the higher court; they want to take the minds of the next generation on a ride to destruction. The Gender Nation has posted that “Libraries are sanctuaries, but they often don’t have the resources they need to serve all children equally. We started Gender Nation to help provide school libraries with LGBTQ+ affirming literature. Our supporters make this possible by helping to curate, purchase, and distribute books at no cost to those we serve.”

The political group wants to push their destructive agenda on kids so they grow up to be more inclusive and understanding that a violent perversion of existence is acceptable. The books they claim are “age appropriate” is a lie. The topic alone is something that little kids should not be forced to endure at their age.

One of the books that they want to introduce is titled “George.” And the book is reported to be about “When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she’s not a boy. … When her teacher announces their school play will be Charlotte’s Web, George really wants to play Charlotte – and comes up with a plan so not only can she get the part, but everyone can be who she is, once and for all.”

These books are nothing more than a liberal attempt to confuse younger kids. They want to indoctrinate kids by putting the dangerous philosophy in their heads.

One of the worst books that are being dumped in the library is called “Sparkle Boy.” This book encourages boys to dump the trucks and embrace what the girls like to wear. It even goes on to deal with bullying as a result of switching, and it is then that the character determines that he will be she at any cost. It teaches dangerous ideas and encourages the kids to rebel against any form of opposition that they may encounter.

The district’s Your Advocacy group’s resource teacher is Mick Rabin, and he noted that “It’s important for kids to…see their stories often and routinely throughout the school year.”

The city of San Diego is not alone in its plan to destroy the youth. One lawmaker in New York seeks to pass a Senate bill named S2484A, which seeks to push the issue of gender to five years of age, teach 11-year-olds about sex and others how to have sex and enjoy being transgender at all costs.

The liberal groups are going wild with their anti-religion teachings about terrible lifestyle practices that go against created norms. Biden’s approach to destroying America has encouraged these groups to target younger kids since high schoolers are already messed up enough from previous attacks on them.

The American child deserves to have a childhood that is free from the pressures of adult life. They should be allowed to play on the playsets at school and protected from the drag queens looking to sweep them away into their way of life.

Republicans know the dangers of liberalism. That is why these dangerous teachings are only coming up in Democratic states. The left-wing is all for indoctrinating kids because they will be able to add them to their ranks of thugs once they are old enough to vote. The state of California has crossed a line of no return. The recall of Gavin Newsom is proof enough that the liberals have gone too far. And their attempts to pack the library is one of those instances of going too far.