Trump’s New Platform Just Launched…Who Needs Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?..He Doesn’t…Now You Don’t Either

In July 2003 when Myspace launched the first-ever major social media platform, the internet took on an entirely different role. The platform amassed millions of anxious subscribers who were catching up with old friends, showing off photos, and posting their favorite songs. The new shiny platform kicked off an avalanche of others to follow, and eventually, Myspace was swallowed by the sands of time.

As time went by and the use of such platforms became an everyday way of life, the two biggest players, Facebook and Twitter, got a little too big for their britches. They took it upon themselves to begin censoring posts that didn’t meet their own established guidelines, or community standards if you will.

The majority of these platforms are liberal in nature so it’s understandable why they immediately found Donald Trump way too offensive and unruly to continue allowing his daily onslaught of what they deemed to be falsehoods and propaganda. Never mind that he was the President of the United States. Actually, this was all the more reason to shut the guy up.

But while the executives at Facebook are now kicking around the idea of letting Trump start posting again, hoping he may have toned down since vacating the White House, he’s saying phooey on them. You get one chance with Donald Trump, and they blew it.

If you want to know what’s going on in Trump-Land these days, he just made it easier than ever for his millions of diehard devotees to find him. Head on over to his new website at where he’s waiting for you. The new site is already receiving an overwhelming number of hits.

There is no registration process to fool with and for at least now, the site really can’t be considered a social media platform as such. It’s more of Trump’s personal blog. There is no way to comment, express one’s deep adoration, or most importantly, become argumentative. liberals butting their way into his turf.

This way he can get his message out to those who want to hear it without liberals butting their way into his turf. It’s a place where the man can word-for-word key in the truth. And as with everything Trump does, he’s in full control of the website. Take that, Twitter!

Upon opening the site, visitors are greeting with a 30-second video which is strictly at their discretion to watch. “In a time of silence and lies, a new beacon of freedom arises,” the video says. “A place to speak freely and safely.” This leads us to believe the site has plans for future expansion.

“This is just a one-way communication. This system allows Trump to communicate with his followers,” said a source familiar with the site’s construction.

The site is akin to Twitter in that it allows the former president who will be again to blast out his particular thoughts at any given moment like he was notorious for on that platform. He can also once again freely call people out like he recently did with Mitt Romney who he called a “stone-cold loser.” Not that we didn’t already know this, he was just giving us a reminder.

One thing the site does do, and this is the genius we’ve come to expect, is to allow viewers to share Trumps’ musings on Facebook and Twitter at the click of an icon. Ya gotta get up pretty early to pull a fast one on the Trumpster. He got around their biased censors as no one else could.

In January, immediately following Trump’s supporters storming the U.S. Capitol Building in the name of a fair election, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram retaliated by permanently banning him from ever typing another word on their respective platforms. Twitter claimed to do it at “the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Even if any of the platforms that kicked Trump to the curb decide they’re losing too many users and therefore cordially invite the man back, he’ll more than likely decline their gracious invitation. This is Donald J. Trump we’re talking about, and as these liberal sites are finding out, they need him more than he needs them. In fact, he doesn’t need them at all.