Black School of Thought Rejects Systemic Racism, Leaving Dems Wondering What to Complain About Next

Systemic racism is based on the idea that racism is everywhere – and it’s deep-rooted within our government. It is a liberal concept that has been pushed further and further by left-wing activist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The only problem is that if systemic racism exists, every person of color has to acknowledge it. Otherwise, it doesn’t actually exist – and it only gives some people of color a person (or system) to blame when things don’t work out for them.

“Take Charge Minnesota” is a school choice movement throughout the state that challenges the liberal culture narrative. They have chosen to inspire and educate the black community as well as other minorities throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

Wait, what?

It seems that they want to inspire everyone to take charge of their own lives. It ensures that they’re granted the same rights as everyone else under the Constitution.

Hold on…If there’s a group that wants to inspire and allow everyone to take charge of their lives, who will the liberals get to blame things on? When things don’t go a certain way for people because they don’t want to work or because they don’t have certain rights, they won’t be able to blame systemic racism.

This is also why the group has said that “we acknowledge that racist people exist in the country, but explicitly reject the notion that the United States of America is a racist country.” They go on to denounce that the country is “guilty of systemic racism.”

Well, if there are black people in the U.S. who don’t believe that the country is guilty of systemic racism, the liberals have a big problem on their hands.

If only some people believe that systemic racism exists, it may be that they are simply looking for someone to blame.

The idea has been frustrating for many successful black people. Why should their hard work be reduced because others have not achieved such success? Why is it that when someone works hard to get to where they are, they are not congratulated for their success but rather dismissed as one of the few that escaped a broken system?

Glenn Harris, the president of Race Forward, has said that systemic racism is defined as “the complex interaction of culture, policy and institutions that holds in place the outcomes we see in our lives.”

The only problem is that not every person of color sees outcomes due to culture, policy, and institutions.

Many of the liberal groups want to create problems where there are no problems. Where in the governmental institutions is there racism? Every person, regardless of color, has the ability to vote, hold office, attend college, and own land.

How a person finds opportunities and uses those opportunities are up to the individual. Those who don’t take advantage of voting for someone who looks like them or those who choose to complain rather than holding office cannot complain. Those who choose not to find scholarships and attend college and those who choose not to seek a better life for themselves cannot blame others. The blame has to lie solely with the individual.

Kendall Qualls, the founder of Take Charge has said that “It’s insulting to hear that Black people can’t get ahead because of systemic racism.”

Qualls believes that it’s time that the narrative is reversed, showing that the way to transform Black communities is not by rejecting the core principles of America but by embracing them. The pursuit of happiness is about remembering that America is open to everyone regardless of skin color. He is also quick to remind the Black community that the gateway to prosperity is a quality education. More importantly, he goes against the BLM idea of family by saying that restoring the two-parent family “should be a priority both locally and nationally.”

Liberals need to pay close attention to what’s being said by Take Charge. When there are entire Black communities that believe that America is NOT systemically racist, their argument goes right out the window.