DeSantis Saves the Day and Keeps Local Entities From Violating the Right to Bear Arms

The Democrats would love nothing more than to see Ron DeSantis retire from politics. He represents everything that they hate about the Republican Party. The governor’s latest action of signing into law a bill that keeps local entities from banning the right to own guns has been rubbed in the faces of all liberals everywhere. DeSantis will not allow the local liberals to take away what is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Gun ownership protection laws are nothing new in Florida. This new bill expands on the previous bill that keeps local lawmakers passing their bills of regulations. The one thing that is evident from the pandemic is that letting local Democrats have a tiny bit of power is disastrous for the people that live in those communities.

One report noted that the bill “which will take effect July 1, will broaden a 2011 law that can make local governments pay as much as $100,000 in damages if they are sued for imposing gun regulations. DeSantis signed the bill about a month after a panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal upheld the 2011 law that threatens penalties if cities and counties approve gun regulations.”

The new law puts the power in the hands of the people. They have the ability to sue local officials for any law that affects them adversely. They can sue for up to $100,000 plus interest from the time the case was filed. Democrats despise this part of the bill because they want all the power and certainly do not believe people can handle any form of power.

For almost 25 years, the state of Florida has kept local governments from having stricter laws than what the state has. This new law will help keep things consistent throughout the state. The people need to know that there is no city or county with a different gun law than what the state allows. DeSantis wants to keep things as straightforward as possible.

Cord Byrd is the state representative that came up with the bill. He stated that “I brought this forward so that local governments will once and for all stop violating the rights and stop wasting taxpayer money.” His wise action will keep freedoms alive and active during a time of federal darkness.

Ron DeSantis is a significant contender for the 2024 presidential election. The way he handles the monstrous media is brilliant. And the way he navigated the state of Florida out of the pandemic months was spot on genius. The Democrats could have only wished to have been as wise and thoughtful as the Floridian governor.

The Republican giant is a force against liberalism. His policies and laws rub the liberals the wrong way but keep sanity in politics.

Ajanta Bhattacharya is a teacher of medicine at the University of Stanford. Bhattacharya stated that “I’ve never met a politician like him. He’s extraordinary. We had a two-hour conversation, about COVID policies, this is in September of last year … and he had read all the papers I referenced and not just my articles, lots and lots of other papers. He knew all the details, it was a remarkable conversation. And then we had this like roundtable on September 25, with Martin and Mike Leavitt, and with DeSantis leading it, and the next day he lifted most of the restrictions all across Florida.”

The professor stated that DeSantis is so knowledgeable that no doctor would keep up with what he knows about the virus. Bhattacharya was clear that Florida weathered the pandemic months because of its governor being educated on the things published and discovered along the way.

The governor’s wisdom is seen in the type of bill that was signed into law. It has a broad impact that is based on science and not mere opinion. The professor noted that “Whereas the lockdown folks, they’re only right for a narrow set of scientific parameters. And those types of errors turned out to be not right. So I think in a sense, he’s not lucky, he actually is smart. And he really got the policy right by delving deep into the science.” And this is why DeSantis is beating the liberals up one at a time.