Bret Baier Embarrasses Liz Cheney on Live TV Proving Why She’s Undeniably Dead Wrong

Fox News host Bret Baier worked Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) over during a recent interview, informing the representative, quantitatively, why she should have changed her position and supported former President Donald Trump if she wanted to truly represent her constituency.

Cheney has been in the headlines because of her recent alignment with House Democrats on the issue of Trump and the 2020 presidential election as well as the Jan. 6 Capitol rally-turned-riots that frightened so many.

Cheney’s departure from her party where her dad once served as Vice President under former President George W. Bush, was a wake-up call to many who consider the fractured party to be a liability. It was a call to action for others who feel that the Democrat party has far too much hold on establishment Republicans.

Baier’s Thursday interview came after House Republicans voted to oust Cheney as the party’s Conference Chair over her focus on the former President instead of shifting to working on the problems facing the party with President Joe Biden in office.

“Your colleagues concluded that you couldn’t be effective as the GOP conference chair because of your eagerness to challenge former President Trump on his election claims,” Baier said. “To be honest, do you agree with them? Could you have done that job considering what you were saying and doing?”

The Fox host didn’t pull any punches as Cheney stood her ground saying she wanted to go after Trump and that those who were criticizing her over it were misinformed and that Fox News was part of the problem.

Cheney replied saying that “the question really is what kind of a party are we going to be going forward” and seeming to assert that there was deception among her fellow Republicans saying that “ it’s very important for us to be a party based on truth.

“I think it’s important for us to understand the threat that the former president is making, the threat is ongoing. I think we know that the kinds of language we’ve heard from him has caused violence in the past. And there’s clearly an attempt to unravel the democracy, if you will, by focusing on challenging the legitimacy of the election, moving us away from, abandoning the rule of law. And so I think that for us, as Republicans, we have a huge set of issues, we’ve got to be able to defeat the Democrats over, and we’ve got a huge set of policies we’ve got to be able to implement, we have to get people to vote for us. And we can’t do that if we are a party that’s based on a foundation of lies. I think what the former president’s doing is dangerous.”

Cheney’s comments are troubling for a few reasons, but the first is that she seems to be focusing on how destabilizing it would be to presume the election was stolen — not that she doesn’t think the election was stolen.

She’s correct, it would be destabilizing if we presumed it was stolen, and it would be (or possibly is) destabilizing if it was stolen. The question is, are you more interested in keeping people calm, or getting to the truth?

Baier’s point, however, was more succinct when he pointed out that while Cheney could well be doing what she thinks is right, she’s not actually representing her state when she stands against Trump:

“…if you look at the numbers in Wyoming, 70% of Wyoming voted for President Trump, actually more people voted for President Trump than voted for you, a higher percentage voted for President Trump,” Baier said, cutting to the politician’s heart. “Now you’re saying you’re dedicating your life to opposing him.

Cheney, in true politician’s fashion, objected to Baier’s “characterization” of what she was doing, but never truly accounted for why the good people of Wyoming might forgive her for representing what she thought (for whatever reason she thought it) instead of what they clearly want.