Biden Steals from Americans to Give to Illegal Migrants

President Biden’s over here acting like the modern-day Robin Hood. Only, instead of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, he’s taking an approach that most Americans are not okay with.

Biden has decided to steal from Americans’ healthcare programs so that migrant youth can be delivered to illegal migrant parents across the United States.

And we’re not talking about a small amount of money. The Department of Health and Human Services has had to divert more than $2 billion that was designated for other health initiatives.

None of this is okay. Budgets are approved based on how the money is to be spent. No one approved $2 billion to go toward helping illegal migrants. That’s a significant amount of money that needs to be used to help Americans with their healthcare issues.

Specifically, the $2 billion takes away from the emergency medical reserve that was originally strained by the COVID crisis. It also takes away from expanding COVID testing. And millions more have been taken from other health initiatives.

And why?

So that the illegal migrants can be helped.

The border crisis has been acknowledged by Republicans and Democrats. And everyone has taken note that Kamala Harris has no desire to actually fix the problem.

And apparently, neither does Joe Biden.

The entire Biden administration is content with stealing from the taxpayer dollars of Americans to help with illegal migrants. These are migrants who should be deported. These are also migrants who should be jailed for child abandonment. Yet, here they are getting first-class service from the government. At this point, they’re being treated better than taxpaying Americans.

The cost of this program where the Biden administration is sending unaccompanied migrant children to their illegal parents and guardians around the country is costly. The $2 billion taken from HHS is only a small portion of it. A report that was leaked to the New York Times estimated that the cost will grow to nearly $9 billion by October.

It’s not just about the money, though. The border crisis has meant that there are more than 50,000 foreign children who need to be cared for. This means that they’re taking away from the resources of low-profile American kids.

As American families struggle after COVID, job losses, housing costs, and homelessness, migrant children are being given priority. And their migrant parents who entered the country illegally will find work before the struggling American families.

Yet again, the Biden administration has proven that they are willing to put the livelihood of illegal migrants above Americans.

Fox and other news outlets have shown what’s happening at the border. It’s still open. In less than an hour, dozens of migrants will cross the Rio and show up in the U.S. They’re coming from all over Central America, including Venezuela.

Are they turned away? Nope. They’re released into the interior of the U.S. without as much as a court date to determine their immigration status. Are they claiming asylum? Nope. And if they did, most don’t qualify.

Kamala Harris wants to sit up in the White House and wonder what the root cause is. While she contemplates that, she could be on the ground, asking people as they dry off from walking through the Rio. She could ask them what’s motivating them.

The answer is simple: they want to come to a country where they’re handed everything. They’re handed stimulus checks, housing, jobs, and more. Why wouldn’t they leave their homes when the offer is so much more attractive?

And every migrant is laughing as they collect their checks. They’re laughing because they have convinced the liberals to be placed in front of Americans and at the expense of Americans.

Biden needs to focus more on being a president than on being Robin Hood. Otherwise, his entire band of merry men will destroy the country once and for all.