McConnell, Cruz, and Romney Praise AZ Dem Senator Sinema for Standing With Israel as Her Lib Colleagues Hate on Her

Liberals are ranting against Israel for what they perceive to be unjustified attacks against Gaza. But as is their typical habit, they can’t see past the smoke and flying debris. Israel didn’t make the rash decision to start killing Palestinians for fun. They were provoked by Gaza’s evil and militant ruling faction, Hamas.

As the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t play politics. She walks down the middle aisle and will quickly oppose anyone, regardless of party affiliation, for whatever ground she stands on regardless of the issue. Her current pro-Israeli stance isn’t sitting well among her Democratic colleagues.

To rub salt in the wounds of the libs, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Mitt Romney, have all commended Sinema for not caving in to her own party’s pressure. The Democrats are making ludicrous demands of her that go against every grain of what she stands for.

In a Tweet, Sinema said, “I strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. The loss of life, especially civilian life, is tragic. Hamas, fueled by Iran, must stop its rocket attacks. Both parties must find ways to achieve a sustainable calm and de-escalation of violence, and work toward a secure and lasting peace in the region.”

One of her liberal followers responded with, “How on earth can you release a statement about this issue without once saying the word “Palestinian”? How can you try and placate your constituents with these shallow statements on almost every freaking issue?”

Similar comments followed but they haven’t swayed Sinema in the least. Israel has a moral obligation to retaliate against Hamas for blasting innocent women and children to bits with their terrorist rockets. Rocket’s they won’t stop launching.

Hamas rose to power because of its strong support. Because this support is steadily growing among Palestinian’s throughout the region, don’t expect to see a de-escalation anytime soon. This thing is forecasted to get far worse as more Israeli civilians continue making the ultimate sacrifice.

Imagine if any other nation in the world launched a single rocket at Detroit, killing even one unsuspecting citizen. Just as it happened following 9-11, an all-out war would ensue in efforts to prevent further loss of civilian life. From this perspective, why should Israel act any differently?

The left would have us condemn Israel for attempted genocide and any Democratic politician who doesn’t shout this out loud is a turncoat. Her head must still be reeling if she took the time to read her enormous pile of Twitter responses., which she probably didn’t. Why didn’t she? Because she’s Kyrsten Sinema. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, left or right.

Sinema is a “just the facts, ma’am” kind of girl and she is fully aware of started this latest undeclared war. A huge fact her constituents have conveniently failed to mention. Six families in Gaza who were renting their Israeli-owned homes decided to blow off paying their respective rents. For decades. So like any reasonable landlord would have done after the first couple of months, they were not so promptly evicted. They had a pretty good run but patience ran thin.

Hamas deemed this an atrocity and immediately started lighting fuses. How dare Israel toss these families in the dirt street like dogs. They probably weren’t informed of how the eviction proceedings had been going on for a very long time so the families were fully aware of what was coming. They had plenty of time to make restitution or find other accommodations.

Palestine has never accepted Israels’ existence outside of murdering its people and this lands Israel in a difficult spot. It’s clear that Palestines confused citizens brought this upon themselves by voting the likes of Hamas into power. The terrorist group is incredibly anti-Jew and if they had their way they’d march every last one of them to the gas chambers. Sound familiar?

Yet even as more Israeli civilians die, Israel is still being the better player by not intentionally targeting civilians. Their morals and compassion won’t allow this. Though every attempt is made to minimize this, they realize the impossibility of always being successful. Hamas establishes command centers in civilian occupied buildings as a deterrent.

Hamas, on the other end of the camel, fires at will, tough luck for whatever or whoever they hit.

If the Democrats would follow Sinemas’ lead by opening their minds to reality, they’d see the other side of the coin. But they won’t. Maybe they aren’t capable. Their unjustified compassion is being misdirected, and unbeknown to them because of their own self-imposed ignorance, they’re rooting on the enemy. Some call it consorting. Potato, Potato…