Small Child Puts John Kerry on Blast

There might be two people who truly believe in global warming in this world: John Kerry and Greta Thunberg. Now one of them is attacking the other.

Greta Thunberg put Biden administration Climate Czar and world-class hypocrite, John Kerry, on blast this week on Twitter after Kerry said that technological advancements will play a critical role in solving what he calls the “climate crisis.”

Here is what John Kerry told BBC in an interview: “I am told by scientists, not by anybody in politics but by scientists, that 50% of the reductions we have to make to get to net-zero by 2050 or 2045, as soon as we can, 50 percent of those reductions are going to come from technologies that we don’t yet have,” Kerry said.

“That’s just a reality,” Kerry added. “And people who are realistic about this understand that’s part of the challenge.”

Is it just me or is John Kerry singing a different tune? At least he isn’t calling for a ban on hamburgers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Kerry is now saying that to “combat” climate change, people won’t have to “give up a quality of life to achieve some of the things we want to achieve.”

The most plausible reason for Kerry’s change in position is that the Democrats saw the public polling numbers in response to their radical climate agenda and now they are retreating — rhetorically, at least. After all, the Democrats are the party of “do as I say, not as I do,” and Mr. Hypocrite John Kerry is the worst offender of them all.

Kerry’s statement was not radical enough for the World’s Most Miserable Teenager, Miss Greta Thunberg, however.

Thunberg promptly took to Twitter to scold Kerry for what she perceived to be magical thinking.

In response to Kerry’s claim that “50% of the carbon reductions needed to get to net-zero will come from technologies that have not yet been invented,” Thunberg chirped back “Great news! I spoke to Harry Potter and he said he will team up with Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes & The Avengers and get started right away!”

Whether or not you support the theory of man-made climate change or not, the fact is that future technologies have solved many of humankind’s most pressing problems. Technological invention has written the history of the world.

To place Greta Thunberg’s comments in context, imagine if she said something similar about penicillin (“What are you just going to wave a magic wand and wish scarlet fever away?”) or the automobile (“Ha, horseless carriages!).

The Swedish activist is now 18-years-old and should know better.

Thunberg is falling into a familiar pattern of instant-fame celebrities like her who build a platform on righteous indignation. They typically start off in earnest and then over the years devolved into a bankrupt racket.

Thunberg and David Hogg should get hitched.

How could anyone forget Thunberg’s 2019 sour screed at the United Nations where she had the brass to point her scolding finger in the faces of world leaders and shout “how dare you,” and then accuse them of stealing her dreams and her childhood.

Thunberg is representative of a new generation that the mainstream media has brainwashed into thinking that the world is on fire and coming to an end. This apocalyptic messaging is contributing to a raft of mental health issues among young people.

In addition, the endless catastrophic climate propaganda is creating a dangerous apathy among children who feel that investing in the future is pointless if the world is going to end in the next few years.

The alarmist climate lies are causing a spike in drop-out rates among young people. Thunberg herself dropped out of school to dedicate their formative years to fighting for “climate justice.”

An abridged fourth-grade education is just of the many reasons why the most potent critique Greta Thunberg could muster of John Kerry was fact-free and invoked Harry Potter.