MSNBC Host’s Desperate Attempt To Shut Up Fellow Host About Realities of Defund the Police Movement

MSNBC hosts came dangerously close to promoting a conservative agenda just days ago when Joe Scarborough once again heard the call of his Republican roots. That was quickly shut down by his co-host and wife Mika Brzezinski who made it abundantly clear that she would not be putting up with anything other than the Democrat party line from her husband.

When ending their comments about the explosion of gun sales in the United States over the past year, guest  Steve Rattner added that he believed violent crime had increased in 2020, as well.

“Why are murder rates suddenly going up now?” asked a perplexed Rattner.

“You know, people don’t want to know the answer,” Joe Scarborough said, seeming to hesitate to offer an opinion. “You can give them the answer. They don’t want to know the answer, why those crimes are going up,” he said in short, halting sentences suffused with resignation. “I’ve given the answer; they get really mad, so we just won’t give the answer.”

Scarborough then turned to the other guests at the table, seeming to implore one of them to make the obvious logical step and answer the question posed by their fellow commentator:

You know why. You know why,” Scarborough said. “We won’t answer it, though.”

“Oh, my G-d,” Brzezinski replied. “Such an awkward ending to a block. Honestly, Joe! I’m gonna have some coffee.” Which prompted her husband to offer it as proof that “nobody wants to hear this,” before giving the real answer.

“Good cops are back on their heels right now,” he said, in a reference to the horrible PR year that law enforcement has suffered following the death of George Floyd and the widespread push to “defund the police” and legislative measures attempting to push the boys in blue into submission.

Scarborough’s wifey once again cut him off, however, saying that she only “wanted to hear”  hubby’s opinion on the state of police after Al Sharpton could “add context.”

“You’re not letting me say it!” the annoyed hubby responded before later going on to say that while he believes in police reform, “at the same time, we need to let good cops know they can do their job.”

“Police officers … don’t want to be marriage counselors at three in the morning, when they’re knocking on doors and don’t know if they’re going to get shot or not,” he said.

“If we don’t go to break, we’ll need a marriage counselor at three in the morning,” Mika retorted, clearly infuriated with her husband’s divergence from the progressive party line.

“Mika, you were triggered!” Scarborough shot back. “This is retro ‘Morning Joe!’”

While MSNBC’s power couple might have disagreements about the state of police, it turns out that around 81% of black Americans want to stand against reduced policing in their neighborhoods, according to a poll cited by The Daily Wire.

In fact, those same polled people of color say that they want either a maintained or increased level of police in their neighborhoods, seeming to indicate that most Black Americans don’t feel police are a threat to them, or at least that the good outweighs the bad.

Few will run toward the spray of bullets. Few will take the time to try and guide a child that is not theirs toward the good and away from the bad. While anyone could easily stipulate that there are of course bad actors in some police departments, the force, by in large is doing the kind of good that we, as a nation, need more of.