Caged Kids Treated Worse Than Zoo Animals

Joe Biden destroyed the security at the border and made it sound that people could come right on in and live the lavish life. He did not expect all the kids that were about to be dumped over the border with no one to care for them. So, his great idea was to round them up and put them in his version of Biden concentration camps.

The children being packed into shipping containers like sardines have revealed that Biden is feeding them undercooked food, sleeping accommodations with bright lights, and horrible conditions. What they left behind was much better than what they are getting from the crabby president.

The centers that Biden set up may have started new, but they are nothing more than many holes with kids being thrown into them. One report noted that “Seventeen minor migrants shared accounts with lawyers of their time in emergency shelters after crossing into the U.S. unaccompanied by adults. Some reported depression while others described trouble sleeping with round-the-clock bright lights.”

Biden is collecting the kids, telling them that they are being left in these horrible conditions for longer than 60 days. The president is violating a 72-hour maximum limit that these young people can be held in Biden’s camps. He sticks them in there and forgets that they are there.

Biden claims that the Health and Human Service Department runs the centers, so he does not need to abide by the 72-hour rule. He is a typical Democrat that looks for ways to break the rules. And when he finds a loophole, he exploits it for all its worth.

Biden acts like it is acceptable to treat kids like they are wild animals. But for a person that does not value life and supports murdering babies, it gets easy for him to mistreat kids.

The kids are taken by human smugglers and dumped off at the border. The border agents find them and take them to the border detention centers, where they are kept safe. Their problems worsen when Biden’s bus shows up and herds them into it like cattle are a train car.

Adolf Hitler did much of the same as he would take Jews and pack them on rail cars like animals. Biden may think he is different, but his actions are familiar to those of the way Hitler treated people.

At the peak of Biden’s oppression, he had a collection of 22,000 kids in his centers. But as of now, there are only 14,000. These kids have stated that “The food here is horrible. Yesterday we were given hamburgers, but I couldn’t eat it because there was a foul odor coming from the bread. I really only eat popsicles and juice because that is the only food that I can trust.”

Biden may think he is helping these kids find a better life. But all he is doing is making them hate Democrats. Biden has not given them adequate bathroom facilities and zero laundry services. The kids are let off their cots for only one hour per day to go outdoors. The conditions are the same for people that live in prison conditions for committing horrible crimes.

Biden has put these kids’ lives at risk by opening the border and forcing them to live in concentration camp-like conditions. The kids’ health is poor, and many of them are living in depression which will ultimately lead some to commit suicide if something is not done to stop Biden from abusing these kids.

The media is reluctant to talk about the problem because it will negatively light their crazy president. There seems to be no end in sight for the number of kids coming into America. Border agents have reported that “The number of migrant children and teenagers arriving alone at the United States border with Mexico decreased last month compared to a month earlier, according to newly released Customs and Border Protection data.”

The reports that Biden and Harris are feeding Americans are nothing but lies. The kids are in danger, and Biden is responsible. He does not care about them.