Broken Headlight? Expired Tag? In Portland It No Longer Matters…You Won’t Get Pulled Over

The votes have been tabulated and Portland, Oregon has won the most liberal city in America award. If you can possibly wrap your conservative head around the cities latest ruling, good luck to you. It involves routine traffic stops for minor infractions. They’re going to stop pulling people over for stupid things like no headlights, an expired tag, running a traffic light, and even for expired tags.

That’s right. As long a motorist isn’t putting anyone else in imminent danger, to be determined by the cop witnessing their driving, they can just go for it. Running late for work? No longer a problem. Driving on three-year-old expired tags cause your car can’t pass a safety inspection? Who cares? Start your engines.

Double parking, illegal u-turns, going up the down ramp, don’t even think about it. Just do it. It’ll be like bumper cars. Just think of the great fun.

If a bored traffic cop with nothing else to do does decide to pull a motorist over, they have to be nice about it. Even if a dense cloud of marijuana smoke billows out of the car into the cop’s face, they have to ask permission to search the vehicle. They also have to inform the driver that they have the option to say no. Who in their high or not high frame of mind would say yes?

Mayor Ted Wheeler more or less said the city can’t help it that a disproportionate number of black drivers are getting pulled over for minor infractions that most of them are guilty of, so to avoid any claims of racial disparity, it’s easier to just let all drivers do as they want.

The Mayor said, “The goal of these two changes is to make our safety safer and more equitable.” Safer for who? The police? Isn’t putting themselves in harm’s way to protect citizens what they signed up for? We could be wrong…

Wheeler also said these changes are necessary because “Our staffing on the streets is inadequate.” Due to limited resources caused by the cities typical lack of Democrat fiscal responsibility, there aren’t enough cops to go around. The ones who are still out there lack adequate resources to properly do their jobs.

Being short-staffed is an understatement. The department has 150 vacancies they can’t fill. In the past nine months, 120 Portland police officers have walked off the job. They’re burnt out from battling protestors day after day. They’re tired of breathing teargas and their morale bottomed out. Their pay scale was no longer worth the danger.

The situation at last boiled over when 50 riot-weary officers joined forces and said enough is enough. They didn’t resign from the force but they did resign from the highly-trained crowd-control squad they were assigned to.

Things came to a head only one day after one of the squad’s team members was indicted for fourth-degree assault. The officer had smacked a protestor with his baton who was lunging at him last summer when the fires were still raging.

So considering how the specialized squad is no longer on the job, and routine traffic stops can quickly escalate into full-scale riots if not properly conducted, the city kinda stepped in a pile of its own feces. But instead of cracking down like they should have when the first Molotov cocktail was tossed, their solution is to become even more liberal. Let them eat cake. Or, drive like they want to.

The question we should all be asking is when will Portland and their best-bud cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, ever come to their senses? The pudding is overflowing with proof that their methods of achieving peace, love, and happiness are having the complete opposite effect.

Stay red, my friends. And by all means, steer clear of Portland.