Cruz All but Torches “For the People” Act in Front of Schumer

We can always rely on Ted Cruz to speak up and be the critic of liberal failures. He was more than happy to set fire to Chuck Schumer once it became obvious that S.1, also known as “For the People” had officially gone up in smoke.

S.1 was initially passed by the House in March – though it didn’t get too far in the Senate thanks to a filibuster. The bill was focused on expanding voting rights including automatic voter registration.

At first glance, S.1 looks like it is, indeed, for the people.

Ahh, but you have to look closer. Democrats love to hide things. As you begin to read the fine print, you learn just how racially dividing it can be.

Cruz was quick to point out that Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader wanted to use racial discrimination in the past as a way to pass the bill. He called many of the current voting laws “Jim Crow 2.0” – and he wasn’t alone. Both President Biden and VP Harris used the same term.

Why would they use such a derogatory term? Cruz has the answer: They were “deliberately inflaming racial tensions.” They wanted to suggest that commonsense voter integrity laws such as requiring a voter ID in states like Georgia and Texas were “somehow a modern manifestation of Jim Crow.”

Based on all that S.1 had attempted to do, Cruz nicknamed it the “Corrupt Politicians” act. And most of it was targeting Trump as well as other Republicans.

Too many House and Senate Democrats still want to believe that Trump cheated – so they’re willing to up-end all voter laws to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. However, by doing so, they make it too easy for just anyone to come out and vote.

Cruz was not kind when he spoke on the Senate floor following the demise of S.1. He pointed out that Jim Crow legislation was definitely a dark spot in American history, calling it “grotesque and ugly.”

The Majority Leader wanted to call the laws coming out in Georgia and Texas “Jim Crow 2.0.” He was right and wrong, according to Cruz.

Schumer wasn’t right about what he was describing. However, S.1 follows a similar legislative pattern that Jim Crow did – partisan legislation written by Democrats. It was all designed to keep elected Democrats in office and be able to steal the right to vote from others.

Throughout Tuesday, Schumer was seen throwing fits in and around the Senate floor. His job was to nurture S.1 through the Senate once the House handed it over to him. He failed. He failed because there were too many questions. There were too many strong-willed senators who said “no.”

We have to remember that we are a democratic republic. We are a “we the people” country – but we did not want anything to do with the “for the people” act that the Democrats were trying to push on us.

There’s a laundry list of things that were wrong with “For the People.” It would have limited free speech. It would have weakened organizations focused on improving public policy. And, perhaps the most terrifying, it would have federalized elections, if necessary.

The government has enough power. We need to ensure that we the people have enough power to determine what we way, whether we’ll vote or not, and who we’ll vote for. As for who can vote, all we ask is that you show some ID to ensure you say who you say you are. It’s not Jim Crow 2.0, it’s just common sense.

It’s time that the Democrats be shown that they are not the only ones in power. They cannot always get their way, no matter how much they want to rally and be divisive.

Luckily, we always have Ted Cruz to be the loud voice that calls the Democrats out for their disgusting and vile approaches to governing our country.