Biden Ignores School Shootings to Give Honor to One at Gay Nightclub

Over the years, the American people have suffered through far too many mass shootings. Naturally, as a Democratic president intent on pushing his own party’s agenda forward, Joe Biden has time and time again called on America to take note of these shootings and use them to increase gun control in the US.

But it seems only one shooting and its victims actually deserves Biden’s genuine attention and honor. And for that one, he’s chosen to make its now-infamous site a national memorial.

Enter the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, that took place on June 12, 2016.

In this tragic event, a gunman entered the gay bar and opened fire, killing 49 innocent people. As you can imagine, the tragedy was thought to be a hate crime at first, given the fact that it took place in a gay bar.

However, it was later determined that the shooting, in fact, had no relation to who the bar served, only that it was an American one.

According to Reason and police reports, the gunman told police, his captives, and the media that he took those lives in retaliation for the US bombing of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq in the Middle East. In fact, several witnesses remarked that the shooter never made any comments about sexuality and seemed to not even know that he was in a gay nightclub.

But while the shooter had no consideration as to who he was shooting besides Americans, it seems, for the Democrats, that’s all that matters.

Democratic Senator and failed presidential candidate Cory Booker recently said of the event, “5 years ago we lost 49 beautiful souls at Pulse nightclub. I continue to hold in my heart those who were killed, their loved ones & the survivors of this unspeakable act of hate toward the #LBGTQ+ community. We must #EndGunViolence & build a nation based on love for each other.”

And apparently, Biden is going right along with his ignorance. On Friday, Biden made the site of the Pulse nightclub an official national memorial.

Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Unfortunately, these people lost their lives in a tragedy that should have never happened. And for the last five years, their friends and families have had to suffer through life without them.

For that, they should be honored, they should be remembered, and a national memorial established in their name.

The question is, what about all the victims of all the other shootings across the nation? Do they not deserve the same recognition and honor?

For anyone with half a brain, the answer to that is an absolute yes. And yet, it seems to Biden and his Democrats, they somehow matter less.

Why? Well, because they were not part of the LBGT community.

And don’t think the call for shootings like Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Sutherland Springs church shooting, the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and others to be made into national memorials haven’t been made.

I mean, these were instances where mere children were shot down in cold blood with the pull of a trigger. Children, I say.

But time and time again, Biden has rejected those requests, choosing instead to use their anniversaries as a way to remind America that gun laws need to change. Then, when given the opportunity to make a national memorial of a shooting that could be manipulated into getting him more votes and success, he jumps all over it. And during Pride Month, no less.

Hmmm, funny that…

What this says to all of America is that it’s not really about the loss of life for them, is it? Biden and his cronies could care less that nearly 50 people were mowed down in an incredibly tragic incident.

What they do care about is how much press, how much additional support, how many possible votes, etc., this memorialization could get them.

Each and every victim deserves to be remembered. And if Biden can’t agree with that, maybe he shouldn’t be honoring any of them, as he seems to only be doing it for political gain.