Biden Pushes Farmers to Cut Fields as the World Faces Food Shortage

As you well know, Democrats have pushed climate control or climate change ideas for decades now. And so, it should be no surprise that the Biden administration would continue this trend, making it a priority when it comes to their policies.

However, they are running into a number of problems, particularly when talking about the agriculture industry.

The newest fangled idea to cut carbon emissions in the US or at least compensate for them is to encourage the use of ‘carbon-capture‘ farming. But this is easier said than done.

If you’re unfamiliar with just what carbon capture farming practices are, it’s basically the idea that cover crops should be planted in between crop rotations to not only improve soil health but soak up the roughly 9 percent of carbon emissions put out by the United States each year.

According to some estimates, doing this, well as changing standard farming methods to be more environmentally friendly, could potentially soak up about 10 percent of carbon emissions.

Biden plans to even pay farmers extra to do this.

The problem is that 1) he’s not paying enough and 2) it’s just not practical for most American farmers.

The first issue is that $1 billion of Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package has been set aside to incentivize farmers to cut carbon emissions. But as Democratic Senator and chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee Debbie Stabenow of Michigan says, that amount is “woefully inadequate.”

What is needed is more like $50 billion. And Biden can’t afford that. Hell, he can’t really even afford what he’s doing now. But I digress…

The second major issue is that farmers would have to change up the entire way they do business should they take on ‘carbon capture’ farming.

First, the process says that cultivating, tilling, or turning up the soil shouldn’t be done, which a common planting practice that allows crops to begin the germination process faster.

Secondly, it would limit the number of times carbon-emitting machines such as planters, sprayers, harvesters, bailers, etc., should be used.

And lastly, as I mentioned before, it means doubling the amount of work in one year, as farmers would now be required to plant and manage cover crops in what would have been their off-season.

Suffice it say, most farmers, while interested in the possibility of carbon capture, cannot feasibly bring themselves to board that train.

Then again, as more and more scientists are coming out and admitting, there really isn’t a dire need to focus on it.

Take physicist Steven Koonin, for example.

Once an undersecretary for science in Barack Obama’s Department of Energy, Koonin says that the whole idea of climate change is in no an existential threat at this point. Instead, “It’s a fiction of the media and the politicians who like to promote that notion.”

Environmental expert Patrick Moore gives a similar view of what the left like to refer to as a climate crisis or emergency.

Moore, who co-founded Greenpeace, has repeatedly claimed in recent years that there is “zero evidence” of an emergency going on, remarking that is it is merely a “highly exaggerated claim” made up to push “radical political, social and economic ‘transformation’ of our entire civilization.”

In fact, when it comes to the impact of “climate change’ in our communities, Moore says there is actually less, not more, evidence that the destructive ways of humans are killing our planet – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, etc., included.

Now, of course, the political left would love to, no doubt, say that this is because we have already made environmentally friendly decisions in national policy. But have we? I mean, much to AOC’s dismay, it’s not like we actually banned carbon fuels or anything yet.

No, I think science is nailing climate change right on the head and calling out the left for precisely what they are: Liars and thieves. And now, they are going after farmers and our agriculture.

Do they not realize that should this all go wrong, should farmers get into carbon capture and then not be able to make ends meet, it will be the entire world who suffers? America is by far the world’s single largest exporter and producer of food. Should make-believe climate change efforts undermine that, it will be bad news for the entire planet.

And I’m not sure Biden wants that on his hands…