Cori Bush’s Mouth Lands Her in Hot Water with the GOP

If the United States of America is going to be truly united, we have to make sure that both sides of the political spectrum are being treated equally.

Every time a Republican speaks up, the Democrats demand an explanation and an apology.

Well, fair is fair.

Cori Bush, a Democratic Representative out of Missouri will have to learn that there are consequences for what she decides to say and tweet.

On July 4, she tweeted how “the freedom they’re referring to is for white people. This land is stolen and Black people still aren’t free” in reference to how the 4th of July is all about American freedom.

She clearly doesn’t understand. The concept of “freedom” as it pertains to the 4th of July is all about freedom from the British crown. Further, Blacks are most certainly free – and her being a Congresswoman is proof of that. If Blacks weren’t free, how would she be able to be an elected official within the federal government?

Her words are divisive – and she will need to answer for them.

Byron Donalds, a Republican Representative out of Florida has said that Republicans are always having to answer for what a member of the GOP said. So, he argues that the media should be asking President Biden or VP Harris about Bush’s tweet.

When Donalds was on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, co-host Griff Jenkins admitted that the comments made by Bush were certainly divisive. He asked if the VP or other leaders should be held responsible for pushing back on such a comment.

Jenkins has a point. Bush is a Black woman, as is Harris. As the VP, Harris should be able to say more than almost anyone that Black people are most certainly free.

Donalds, a Black Representative, is also fighting against what Bush has said because it’s clear that Black people are free. To say that they are not is absolutely ridiculous and unfounded.

Bush is a member of The Squad along with other liberals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Meanwhile, Donalds is a member of the Freedom Force – created to be a counterpoint against The Squad.

It’s important to watch as two Black members of the House go up against one another. If one says that black people still aren’t free and another says that they are, who is right? Clearly, Bush is in the wrong because her position within the government is capable of destroying her argument.

Bush is looking to be divisive and tear the country apart. And she hasn’t apologized for her comment on July 4, either. She believes what she has tweeted – yet she hasn’t backed it up with any kind of additional commentary.

Exactly how are black people still not free? Everyone in the U.S., regardless of color, has equal rights. They can vote, own land, become business owners, and even be the president or vice president of the country.

Independence Day celebrates freedom from England. Independence Day celebrates America as a nation.

Fighting against the freedom that is celebrated on Independence Day is anti-American. Without our history, we couldn’t be a country. And without our country as it is today, people like Bush wouldn’t have such a great paying job that comes with so much influential power.

Donalds needs to stay on this. Bush has to answer for her comments – and so do the rest of the Democrats in power.