Is This God’s Wrath? George Floyd Mural Destroyed by Lightning Strike

According to various witnesses, a mural of George Floyd in Toledo, Ohio was destroyed by an untimely strike of lightning. WTVG confirms this account, as they took notice of a lightning strike on the same block as the mural. The bolt of lightning hit the mural in the most bizarre way.

Floyd’s face was struck directly and the whole mural was reduced to a pile of mere bricks. ABC 13 has more about this bizarre occurrence:

“A mural honoring George Floyd erected at Summit and Lagrange in Toledo has collapsed. According to Toledo Police, witnesses say it was destroyed by a lightning strike. 13abc’s Doppler Radar did show a lightning strike in that block at about 4:30 PM this afternoon.

Toledo police were seen outside the building, which used to house the Mugshots Bar, setting up tape around the pile of bricks that once formed the artwork.”

To make matters even more bizarre, the mural was toppled by this act of God nearly one year to the day after it was first put up. “Community outreach with @Guttadave working on a mural in north Toledo Ohio in memories of George Floyd and all the people who died from Police brutality!,” tweeted Roshawn_Jones at the time the mural was put up.

The activists of America have not stopped creating shrines, statues and painted murals that are designed to pay homage to the life and times of George Floyd. None of these people want to tell the whole story of Floyd’s life, so they have settled for presenting a sanitized Disney version of what really took place.

This is the hardest part of these conversations. There’s no room for nuance. Either you support the murals and statues that are being built or you are called a racist. No one wants to have a real conversation, they want to retreat into their cozy little bubbles and recite the same things over and over again.

Biden has encouraged these divisions by working overtime to paint anyone who does not want to see George Floyd memorialized as a racist. He’s even encouraging everyday Americans to start snitching on one another. God has seen all of this unfolding and He has finally decided to weigh in on this topic.

It is hard to mistake what happened here as some sort of cosmic accident. God’s will has been done here and anyone who tries to deny is only kidding themselves at this point. What are the odds of a bolt of lightning coming down from the sky and hitting a George Floyd mural directly in its face? This is the sort of thing that would typically only happen in a movie but this is real life!

Perhaps God has had enough and this is just the beginning of Him returning to regulate things. He’s got to be looking down upon what is going on right now with the utmost disdain. In fact, we are already fantasizing about the targets that He may decide to send a lightning bolt into next.

For starters, we are hoping that the next bolt arrives at the Capitol building. The Democrats have been spending the last few months demonizing everyone who arrived for the January 6th protests, whether they were actually there to do damage or not. They have yet to acknowledge that many of the people who were present that day were not there to cause any harm.

Instead, they paint their fellow countrymen as savages and racists, for the amusement of others who know nothing. God does not like to see his children behaving in this manner and that’s why he is starting to get restless. Hopefully, the rest of the country sees this as an opportunity to clean up their act and get it together a bit. The Democrats who have given themselves over to the radical left ought to be shaking in their boots by now. God has had enough!