The Truth About Voter Fraud in 2020! Tucker Carlson Analyzes Findings in Fulton County, Georgia

There are a number of issues that are facing the United States presently but everyone should be in agreement about the largest one. We are still unpacking all of the issues that took place as a direct result of the election fraud that took place last year. The United States needs free and fair elections in order to maintain our democracy but the Democrats do not care about that at all.

The conservative thinkers of this country have always understood the importance of democracy. The liberals are the ones who were willing to chuck the rule of law out the window as soon as they had to endure a president that they did not like. They were so ready to be rid of Trump that they were willing to cheat.

FOX News host Tucker Carlson has been leading the charge when it comes to calling out the electoral fraud. As one of the loudest voices that conservatives have to look to in the media, his words are always important. On Wednesday evening, he decided to shed light on some of the controversial activities that have been taking place in the state of Georgia.

Fulton County has been the source of much discussion since the election took place and rightfully so. This recent segment from Carlson was an especially good one. He’s never going to be afraid to tell it like it is and we appreciate him for that. Our friends at the Gateway Pundit have been reporting on the fraud for some time now and these reports are well worth revisiting.

All of the naysayers in the mainstream media have been trying their best to act like these reports do not exist but there is not much more to be done here. The facts are coming to light and there is precious little that can be done about that. Carlson’s platform is simply too big and he is not someone who can easily be silenced.

The following facts should make all Americans sit up and take notice. For starters, the guards at the Fulton County Georgia ballot storage facility stepped away for a significant amount of time. While they were away, the doors to the facility were left open.

Ruby Freeman, a Fulton County election official, was seen feeding stacks of Biden ballots into voting machines on multiple occasions. This took place after the GOP’s election observers were asked to leave. Garland Favorito’s organization VoterGA also uncovered some clear and obvious evidence of fraud.

There was a 60 percent error in reporting, as several thousand fraudulent votes for Biden were uncovered. Again, these reports have been circulating for a long time now. None of this information should be new to anyone who actually pays attention and is not biased to the far left. These radicals are the ones who are looking to take away our democracy and they need to be stopped at once.

The Fulton County staffers were even making photocopies of the ballots. This is the sort of hard evidence that cannot be ignored for any reason but the mainstream media is trying their best to sweep it all under the rug. They got what they wanted with Biden, didn’t they? Of course they are not going to want to put a stop to the joyride now.

It’s the equivalent of robbing the bank and stopping to have an attack of conscience. Fulton County was counting up ballots that were pristine and not even folded in favor of Joe Biden. The cheating could not have been more blatant. The whole state needs to be placed under investigation for allowing this to happen.

This is the type of crap you deal with when you allow people like Stacey Abrams to play a key role in elections. The corruption is always going to be off the charts in these instances, as to be expected. It is time for the trash to be taken out….at long last!