Kamala’s Creating a Toxic Environment That Isn’t Helping Her or the Biden Administration

It’s hard to be taken seriously when there are allegations floating around that you’ve slept your way into your high-profile positions.

It’s also hard to like you when you have allegations that you operate a toxic environment for all of your interns.

Meet our Vice President, Kamala Harris.

As more and more people have grown dissatisfied with what she’s done for the country since Inauguration Day, the digging has intensified. After all, exactly what is she doing with her time since she clearly isn’t addressing the problem at the southern border?

She’s terrorizing her interns, to start.

It’s no wonder that she didn’t win the presidential election on her own. She had to settle for the VP spot since no one technically had to vote her in. She just rode some coattails to get into the White House.

She’s got quite the toxic work environment surrounding her – and this isn’t anything new. According to Business Insider, there were various reports of her being a difficult person to get along with when she was district attorney for California.

Harris also had significant turnover when she was in the Senate. According to a congressional database, she ranked in the top 10 of senators in terms of high turnover rate.

Considering that Harris only served in the Senate for four years, it’s surprising that she had such a high turnover. Well, unless she really is the unbearable boss that many claim that she is.

Barbara O’Connor, a communications professor at California State University said that she remembered instances of at least 20 interns coming to cry about working with Harris’ offices as attorney general or senator. They didn’t feel as though they were being valued – and O’Connor personally helped with transferring five interns out of the office.

Some of the words being used by former Harris staffers, including those that have been spending time in the VP wing of the White House include “toxic” and “reactionary.” The workplace abuse has even sent some to therapy because of it all.

What do we really know about the person who is the second in command of our country? There may be a good reason that we didn’t elect her as president, yet she’s somehow managed to become the VP. With Biden being in such rough shape, this should terrify us.

We have someone who creates a toxic work environment for her interns. She’s already creating a toxic living environment for people who live along the southern border cities of the U.S.

What have we done by electing the Biden/Harris duo into office? It appears that too many people were focused on Biden and not enough on Harris.

Harris doesn’t even like Biden. She said that she believed the women who accused Biden of touching them inappropriately. And, she all but accused him of being a racist during the Democratic primary debates.

As her time as Senator, she treated Brett Kavanaugh as a rapist during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

She’s cut-throat – and who knows what she managed to say or do to get onto the ticket with Biden. She plays dirty, and we have to be careful about what she’s saying or doing behind the scenes. Clearly, she’s busier behind the scenes because in front of the scenes, she’s not doing anything that will help America.

Perhaps she’s sharpening her knife to stab Biden in the back – and that’s when we all have a lot to panic about.