Surprise! Yet Another Asian Hate Crime Nobody Wants to Talk About Because the Attacker’s Skin Color Isn’t White

New York City has become a Democrat-fueled nightmare. The same people who wanted to put a stop to hate crimes under any sort of circumstances are great at looking the other way when they feel like it. This is the story of a 58-year-old Asian woman and her son, who were treated like absolute garbage.

Why doesn’t anyone care about this clear hate crime, though? This older woman and her son were dragged down the stairs of a subway station and it is not considered to be a problem. Of course, there is one major reason for this. The attacker in this instance was not a white man, so there was no blame that could be placed on their skin color.

That’s the only time that the media cares about these instances. The mother was badly injured during the attack, which the mainstream media does not seem to feel the need to report. Can you believe that she struck her head when she fell down the stairs and has since required brain surgery? It’s a sad thing to witness and we wish that people cared as much as we did.

Maybe we should lie in the same manner as the mainstream media and tell people that the attacker was a white man. At any rate, the law enforcement officials who were on hand have done their best to piece things together. The mother and son are said to have been walking up the Canal Street station steps in lower Manhattan Saturday morning when the attacker tried to grab the son’s backpack.

The son reached out for his mother and they both took a nasty fall down the steps. The NYPD has since released photos and videos of the suspect, in hopes of apprehending them before they can attack anyone else. Anyone who has tips to offer about the case is being urged to contact the good folks at Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

“WANTED for ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: On 7/17 at 9:40 AM, inside the Canal St “N” subway station in Manhattan, the suspect tried to forcibly remove a bag, causing two victims to fall down the stairs, leaving one victim in critical condition. Any info? DM @NYPDTips or call 800-577-TIPS,” the NYPD shared on Twitter.

We hope that this dangerous criminal is apprehended before it is too late. Unfortunately, people do not seem to be as worried about this hate crime for the reasons that we have stated above. If the person who committed this crime were a white man, it’s front-page news and you would see all sorts of commentary about it on social media from, you guessed it, white people.

Instead, it is already being swept under the rug because it does not fit the mainstream media narratives that have been gathering so much steam. They are really good at ignoring things out of their own self-interest, as many Americans who identify as being members of the far left have been known to do. If it is something where they can use the incident as a cudgel to bash conservatives, they cannot be stopped from talking about it.

Social media would have already been full of threads about white supremacy and the like if the shoe had been on the other foot here. White supremacy would have been referred to as the root cause for all of this. Perhaps people will start taking a more calm and rational point of view when it comes to these sorts of things? We doubt that this will ever happen but we can dream, right?

Those darn white supremacists, though……that’s what they want us to think. There’s no law that says we have to fall for the usual media scapegoat routine and that’s why the smart folks out there won’t let it happen to them. Unfortunately, there are too many people who are easily led and this causes problems that are not so easy to fix.