Democrat Candidates Are Ashamed to Be Associated With the Democratic Party – We Understand Why

The midterm elections are coming up fast and the Democrats are having all sorts of problems. In fact, things have gone so poorly that they are getting scared about including their party identification in their ads. They know that the voters in these rural areas are not going to want to vote for them, rightfully so.

These are the places where plenty of Trump voters reside, so of course, they are not trying to anger anyone. On the other hand, how long do the Democrats think that they can carry out this insane scheme? The people who reside in these communities are going to figure out who you are eventually, aren’t they? These are questions that any sane politician should be able to answer.

Breitbart News has more:

“Democrats running for elected office in the House and Senate from rural America are starting to depart from using party identification in their ads in hopes of attracting more voters.

This means many candidates for office are running against the platform of their own party, according to Axios. Since the 2020 election, the Democrats in both chambers of Congress have had a wafer-thin majority, and the Republicans are looking to overtake them in the fast-approaching midterms next year.

Since former President Donald Trump talked about rural Americans throughout his entire presidency and on the campaign trail, Democrats in those places now feel “reflexively distrustful of progressive solutions to everything from the pandemic to infrastructure.”

Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan (OH), running for one of Ohio’s Senate seats, released a campaign ad roughly three minutes long. The Democrat did not mention his party affiliation once…

Democrat candidate Monica Tranel is looking to pick up the new congressional seat in Montana next year. However, Tranel, in her ad, declared: “So many people I grew up with don’t vote for Democrats anymore.”

It is no wonder that the Democrats are terrified about how they are going to do in the midterm elections under these circumstances. It’s not like the first few months of the Biden presidency have gone well enough for any of them to hang their hat on it.

“With control of the House and Senate on the bubble, many ambitious Democrats — from the South to the Midwest to the Rockies — are running against their own national party’s image,” shared Axios. The tension within the party is clear. How can anyone put their trust in a Democrat that does not actually want to be identified as one?

This is the latest bit of insanity from this party and we expected it, in all honesty. Anyone who did not is deluding themselves big time. The only truly interesting part of this (to us) is that they are broadcasting their worries for the whole world to see. They are usually much better at projecting an aura of confidence in these instances.

Now that they are running scared, this is the perfect chance for the GOP to strike. They can seize on this fear and play it up for their voters. Even the moderate types who are more likely to sit on the fence and wait to be swayed are there for the taking. It’s an exciting time for the GOP, as they are going to be able to capitalize on this horrific strategy.

As soon as the Democrats realize that they are the problem, they can actually start to fix things once and for all. Until then, they are going to be participating in all sorts of lies and doublespeak. It won’t be long before they are claiming that all of this information is a lie.

That’s the most frustrating aspect of this party. They are incapable of being honest and any time things are not going their way, they resort to nonsensical behavior like this. Little do they know that they are setting the table for the Republicans to swoop in and give them what for when the midterm elections finally arrive.