Add Haitians to the List of Migrants Knocking on U.S.’s Southern Door

The southern border of the United States is starting to sound like a re-run of Three’s Company….come and knock on our door…we’ve been waiting for you…

The Biden administration has made it clear that they’re willing to welcome all illegal immigrants, regardless of country of origin or how they enter the United States. However, shouldn’t we be looking to stop it – or at the very least, slow it down significantly?

Haitians are on their way to the United States, now. This past Monday, 2,000 Haitians entered Mexico illegally along the Guatemalan border. They already sought refuge with the Comision Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados (COMAR). Essentially, it is a Mexican commission to help refugees.

Biden has proven that he’s not great with international relations – and now we’re seeing what happens as a result of that. Many Haitians feel as though they have no choice but to flee their country, particularly because of their President, Jovenel Moise, recently being assassinated. It’s left a complicated social and political landscape in its wake – and Haitians have chosen to flee from the poverty and violence.

The Haitians have disregarded all COVID protocols. They’re not socially distancing and they’re not wearing masks.

Since the beginning of 2021, according to COMAR, there have been over 9,000 Haitians entering Mexico – and many of them are slowly working their way to the United States.

Why wouldn’t they? Under the Biden administration, they know that they can get in. And, if they’re lucky, they’ll get a one-way commercial flight to an undisclosed location in the U.S. where they can start a new life. They don’t bring any skills that would warrant a work visa, so they’ll mooch off the American economy and take minimum wage jobs away from Americans that need them.

Hey, but at least we’re taking care of immigrants, right? Biden’s immigrants-first policy has put the country into a tailspin. And now that Haitians have heard about the first-class treatment that illegal immigrants are getting, they want in on the action, too.

Biden needs to do something if we don’t want thousands of Haitians pushing their way into the southern border of the United States. The moment that Haitians register for refugee status in Mexico, they have the ability to travel freely throughout the country. That means that many are going to be heading to the north so that they can, ultimately, enter the U.S.

After all, it’s not as though Mexico is offering an incentive to stay. Many Mexicans are illegally entering the U.S., too. And even if Mexico did offer an incentive, it can’t be as sweet as what some of the liberal cities of the U.S. are offering, complete with free healthcare, stimulus checks, and more.

It might take years for Haitians to make the trek – and there are plenty of stories of those who have done it. They pick up jobs here and there as they travel further north. What happens when they get there is up to the Biden administration. In the past, they would have been sent away with info on how to seek asylum. Now, however, it’s likely that they’ll be welcomed with the same catch and release program offered to Mexicans and those from Central America.

Del Rio and the surrounding area will likely see the largest influx of Haitians in the coming months. According to Border Patrol, the influx is not likely to slow down any time in the near future. Great job, Biden, great job.