Biden’s COVID Nazis Are Lashing out! Biden Floats Vaccine Mandates and Fauci Agrees

The news has been chock full of headlines about the dangers of the Delta variant as of late. We are being told that the virus is having a resurgence, despite the fact that the numbers are even lower than they were at the height of the pandemic. This is the sort of convenient attitude that the mainstream news media has adopted.

The liberal cities are already seizing on the opportunity to herd everyone back indoors and fire off the mask mandates again. They are also whining about vaccination rates. The liberal media loves these complaints and will always give voice to them, no matter what. We’ll give you three guesses as to which group is being blamed for the unsatisfactory vaccination rates.

Republican Trump voters are the ones who are always going to be scapegoated for these types of things because it’s all the media knows. Anyone who thinks that this is being made up is more than welcome to read on. The liberal talking points are flying around and now the Democrats are issuing threats. Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo is not someone that we are used to be reading but we saw a headline that intrigued us.

He wants to know if the vaccinated Americans are running out of patience. Of course, this is bound to be an interesting read no matter which side of the conversation you are on. We are sure that you already know what the answer is here: yes, vaccinated Americans are getting fed up with those who are not vaccinated.

To be fair, we don’t object to the premise Marshall is offering on its face. It’s easy to understand why the average vaccinated American might be losing patience. All they do is take in alarming news on a daily basis. Our problem is the evidence that Josh is providing. For example, he decided to visit a pop-up vaccination site in Los Angeles and he took the time to speak with a number of people who have recently made the decision to get their jabs.

Here’s one of the most interesting parts of the piece:

“The people who turned out at this clinic were mainly Latino immigrants, so not the demographic that has garnered the most attention in the mainstream media discussion. The reasons ranged the gamut: they’d had COVID and assumed continued immunity; they didn’t want to or couldn’t take time from work; they had general apprehensions about a vaccine without a long testing history; they’d heard conspiracy theories women becoming infertile. In some cases, it was perhaps some vague mix of one or more of these and just continuing to put it off – apathy for lack of a better word.

What jumped out to me is that basically none of the couple dozen people who showed up the day Mejia was there had held out for any ideological or political reasons. And in most cases – as their being there to get their shot makes clear – they were ultimately convincible.”

The left is so funny with how they tiptoe around this stuff. If these were white Trump-voting Americans, the piece would have read differently. Josh even goes on to mention “stereotypical Trumpers refusing for reasons tied to political commitment and ideology” later in the story. Marshall also tags in Brian Stelter and the two of them take turns offering up limp liberal takes on the current situation.

As private businesses continue to mandate vaccinations for their employees, many wonder if the federal government is going to follow suit. There’s no precedent for the federal government stepping in and it is hard to believe that they would allow 40 percent of America to go unemployed. We’ll see how much the left loves this sort of idea when they realize that they are leaving black and Hispanic workers with employment. It’s a classic “be careful what you wish for” type of scenario going on.