Hypocrisy Anyone? Watch Biden Demand Brutal Sentencing for Crack Users While Son Hunter Smokes Crack (Video)

As many of our more astute readers know, Joe Biden was once a lowly senator in Delaware who had all of the praise in the world for crack possession laws. This may not seem important but now that there is a new video of Hunter Biden circulating, it is time to revisit these policies. A video of Hunter himself smoking crack is now available for public viewing.

Does this man have the same mentality about casual drug usage when his son is involved? Of course he doesn’t! “In a video that recently emerged, Hunter Biden recorded himself having a conversation with Hallie Biden. Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden. Beau tragically died of cancer in May 2015,” the Life Zette reports.

In addition to this insane report, we have learned that Hunter and Hallie Biden had a relationship of their own after his brother’s passing. To make matters even worse, Hunter was still married to his own wife at the time. The social media world was very quick to respond to the news. We agree wholeheartedly with many of these users.

“Anyone know if the MSM ran that video of Hunter? If they didn’t, they are frauds. Because obviously, any similar video involving Trump or his kids would lead the news,” one user said. We could not agree more. If there was any sort of corruption within the Trump family that was captured on video, we would never hear the end of it.

Ryan Fournier got to the point a bit more directly. “There’s a video of Hunter Biden literally smoking crack going around and not one word from the media,” he tweeted. The side by side videos of Hunter and his father are too funny to watch. Joe Biden is sitting there going on and on about the dangers of crack usage, while his son is clearly having the time of his life and smoking away.

Biden needs to answer for this and he needs to answer to all of the people that he is personally responsible for placing in jail with all of his rhetoric. There is a one minute video of Hunter talking with Hallie and it has barely even been seen. Those who would like to know the actual truth now have a far better option than the mainstream media news rags.

The Scoop TV app is here and it is the best app for conservatives who are tired of the constant mainstream media spin. It is available to iPhone users, as well as Android. To get started, all you need to do is visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, whichever applies to you.

We are just hoping that this nightmare will end at some point but it often seems like we have no hope at all. Biden has seized control of the country in a very disturbing way and the mainstream media is in thrall to him. They are never going to call him out for any of his lies because that would be too hard.

The same people who called Trump a racist and pulled out every other ugly name in the book are not going to call Biden what he is. He’s a charlatan who talks out of both sides of his mouth. He loves to pander to the woke crowd, even though he does not care about their concerns at all. He’s shown us where he truly stands on these things, time and time again.

As long as Hunter is doing it, it is okay. If he can imprison the same people of color that he pretends to care so much about for doing the exact same thing? That’s okay, too. It’s the sort of narrative whiplash that will make anyone’s head spin. The same man who pushed the most punitive drug laws possible for decade after decade now wants us to believe he is willing to speak in a more nuanced manner. What a load of hooey.