Are You Surprised! Sham Impeachment Witness Confirms He Lied to Congress Under Oath

The Adam Schiff trial was all fun and games for the most part but there were some interesting moments along the way. NSC leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified on the third day and it led to a very illuminating exchange. House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes asked Vindman if there was any discussion of the July 25 Trump-Zelensky phone call outside of the White House.

According to Vindman, he spoke with George Kent, a State Department employee and ‘someone in the intelligence community’ about Trump’s phone call. When he was asked to name the second person, he declined to do so. House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff interjected once Nunes started to probe for more information about the agency that the second person works for.

Schiff was not willing to take a closer look at this controversy because his loyalties are not with our democracy. His loyalty lies with the whistleblowers. According to Nunes, Vindman had previously testified in a closed-door deposition about the matter. If this was true, how would he possibly know how to keep this person’s information private.

Vindman sang an entirely different tune during the public testimony, which is enough to grind anyone’s gears. The whistle blower’s primary source? None other than Vindman. In addition to lying about this, Vindman also stands accused of lying about the contents of the call. Trump was not responsible for offering anyone from the Ukrainian government any form of quid pro quo.

Biden is the one who did that but the mainstream media does not tell that part of the story. When Trump faced that mockery of an impeachment trial, Vindman is the one who was responsible for blowing the whistle. This man can lie, can’t he? The Democrats are willing to center liars in these instances because that’s how badly they want to snag Trump.

It has never worked and it never will. Vindman admits to being the whistleblower in his autobiography, so it is hard to see how he could have lied so blatantly in this instance. He has told the world that he lied to Congress under oath but nothing is going to be done about it. It’s so ridiculous but it is not surprising to anyone who knows how the Democrats operate.

“Alexander Vindman, the whistle-blower in the first Trump impeachment, never expected to become a key figure in history’s spotlight,” the New York Times Books account shared on Twitter. It’s an interesting way to frame it because he’s clearly chosen this spotlight. How can he possibly act like he did not know exactly what is going to happen?

If there was any justice to be found in this country, Vindman would have to answer for his crimes against our democracy. Since there is not, he gets a book deal and gets to do whatever he wants. We wish that this wasn’t the case. We wish that we were exaggerating but our readers know that this is something that we have never and will never do.

How well do we even know this man to believe what he is saying? At least someone like Trump has built the necessary amount of credibility by being willing to tell it like it is. Win, lose or draw, he tells you exactly what is on his mind and there are no disclaimers that are being put on his words. With the Democrats? It’s always a series of lies and half-truths and if anyone does not believe them? They are referred to as a racist.

It is time that we started to even the score a bit. No, we are not referring to doing anything that will land us in hot water from a legal standpoint. That is not what conservatives are all about. All we want is to live in a fair country where obvious treason is called out for exactly what it is. Is that so hard?