Pedophile Biden? This Video of Biden Sniffing a Young Girl Is Just Disgusting

Joe Biden is an actual pervert and the man needs to be locked away. We are not even being funny here. This has gotten so out of hand. Our nation’s children are being harassed in a very disturbing way. While there are some who have shared this story on social media with lots of laughing emojis, no one over here is laughing at all.

Yesterday, he was on hand to announce that he will be rewarding Congressional Gold Medals to police officers who defended the Capitol from the rioters on January 6th. They are still lying and claiming that two officers were killed on that way, to advance their own agenda.

Biden decided to twist the knife for conservatives by inviting the children of these officers to the announcement. This should have been an absolute layup. How could Biden possibly manage to botch the good press that would come from this? As it turns out, Sleepy Joe can ruin just about anything that he touches.

That’s what happens when you cannot manage to control your perversion for even one second. You place the man in public and he still is able to make people shake their heads in disgust. Mind you, his voters are the same people who swore that Donald Trump was some scourge who would destroy our country from the inside out.

These same folks are awfully quiet now that Joe Biden has had slip up after slip up. This man is a menace and anyone who does not see it does not want to. Imagine having to explain what Sleepy Joe has done here to your children. We know that we do not have to because we do not support him in this house. Our children already know where we stand on this sicko.

Once Biden motioned for the children to come closer to him, we knew where this was going. One of the little girls was aggressively pulled closer to Sleepy Joe and we cannot imagine how scared she was in this moment. How can you possibly know if the president has good intentions for you in a situation like this? He even whispered in her ear and that’s no experience that a child should ever be forced to suffer through.

We already knew that this man was not right but he is proving it time and time again. This is the same man who was outed for his hair sniffing fetish already. He knows no bounds and he will even do this with children. One of the still shots from this outrageous display has been circulating is particularly galling, as he appears to be bringing her in to sniff her hair.

The little girl was clearly uncomfortable in the moment and we hope that she was consoled by her guardians afterwards. There is nothing that can prepare a child for what she went through. Presidents are supposed to be gallant figures that the children can look up to. Biden is the equivalent of the old man who drives the big white van around and asks children if they want to take rides with him.

He probably told her that he had some candy for her or promised to let her play with his dogs. These are the oldest tricks in the books when it comes to pedophiles. Biden may not be willing to admit but the proof is right there in front of our faces. If the liberals are willing to ignore this, that’s on them.

We do not want them to come back to us later claiming that they were somehow misled. It’s all been placed on full display, so they cannot plead ignorance. If you are anything like us, you have seen enough. This man needs to be impeached before he has a chance to harass any more women and children. We wish that this were a joke but nope….we are 100 percent serious.