Newsom Scared to Death That Recall Is Real and Moving Forward

Socialist Governor Gavin Newsom fears for his future, given he is facing a recall vote because he is failing to represent the people of California. He has repeatedly thrown them under the bus and left them in predicaments that were harmful to their prosperity.

The way the nasty governor handled the pandemic was beyond ordinary. His policies and regulations were based on selfish intent. He was found multiple times violating his laws. His kids were allowed to continue their education while all other students were forced to stay at home and not attend classes.

The recall against the man has him running scared. He is so scared that he has now taken to the airways hoping to get people to believe that the recall effort does not represent the will of the majority of voters now calling for his neck.

The delusional governor believes that the recall is unfair and does not consider other actions that he has done as the governor. He believes that his recall will affect the country. Naughty Newsom will be surprised that his recall will only help the country and prove that he is just not as important as he thinks he is.

Newsom’s pathetic arguments against a recall already in motion are pointless. He mentions consequences for the nation and how it would strengthen the process even more than it already is. He does nothing right now that will adversely affect the nation if he were to lose his job. The recall is in place for the people to stop the harm that a wicked governor is doing towards the state.

All of Newsom’s fears came to the surface when he was questioned by Colleen McCain, the executive editor of the Sacramento Bee. She asked the shady man, “I wanted to kick things off by asking you to tell us what you think is at stake in this recall, and my question is: What do you think the consequences would be for California if you were recalled, and what might follow for the state if say, (radio host) Larry Elder, (former San Diego mayor) Kevin Faulconer, or (businessman) John Cox were sworn in as governor?”

McCain was setting the man up to present himself from a political platform. She set him up to fire back at the recall effort and allowed him to dig into his opposition. The liberal media acts like they take a neutral stance, but they fully endorse their liberal masters.

Newsom provided an answer that clearly showed he has no clue as to what he stands for. He stated that “My sense is, trying to be as objective as someone that’s the target of this recall as I possibly can be, I think it will be quite pronounced for many, many years. I think it will be felt all across the country. I think that people really haven’t really thought that through. I don’t think they’re asking that question. I don’t think the national Democratic Party is asking themselves that question.”

He thinks that the people are using the recall option as a weapon against him. He feels that he is being picked on by people that want his job. The truth is that the recall effort would never have been started if there were not enough people that believed he was not representing the people.

Newsom played the liberal card as he appealed to other Democrats that lived in the state. The reporters at the Bee were feeding him opportunities to campaign himself ahead of his competitors. He tried to align himself with them to justify the nasty actions he has laid out on the people of California.

Yousef Baig is another liberal working for the governor. He asked, “Do you feel like your actions and decisions as governor would rise to a level where a recall is a fair response from the voters?”

It was then that Newsom stated, “No.” He was arrogant enough to state that if he was not that well-liked, then the voters could vote him out of office at the next election. The problem is that the state cannot wait that long because of the threat he is to freedom and the state’s security.