Taliban Using Weapons Left Behind by Biden to Take Over Afghanistan While Biden Begs to Leave Embassy Alone

Joe Biden has botched the situation in Afghanistan so badly that the Taliban has been able to establish the same old strongholds that they once had. According to various reports, the Taliban is said to have seized US weapons, munitions and military equipment. There are also videos being shared that depict them with the weapons that they are said to have captured.

The videos and pictures that are now in circulation are sad to see. We are heartbroken to see that Biden has thrown away all of the hard work that our troops put in. The decades that we spent over there are all for naught. Anyone who is okay with this, we have to question their sanity. The Washington Free Beacon has more about this developing story:

“The Taliban has seized scores of American weapons and military equipment from Afghan security forces as the terrorist group accelerates its takeover following the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country.

Taliban terrorists are now in possession of U.S.-made military vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, armored tanks, and artillery. The munitions were provided to Afghan security forces to secure the country as the United States ends its two-decade war there. The Taliban have overwhelmed Afghan forces, taking over key Afghan provinces and using U.S. weapons to power the offensive.

“These captured systems will increase the mobility and lethality of the Taliban, making them a more formidable adversary,” said Bradley Bowman, senior director of the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “We have already seen the Taliban using captured humvees to patrol Kunduz and Sar-e Pol.”

It’s a sad thing to watch all of the hard work that our past presidents have put in go to waste like this. We wish that we could feign shock here. This is par for the course for Joe Biden, though. This man does not care at all about the rest of the world. It is all just a big experiment for him. The lives of these people are at stake and Biden is fine with pulling the troops out and heading home.

Decades of fighting to establish a new government have already been wiped away. This is all happening because Biden wants to make sure that everyone knows he is not Trump. Trust us, Sleepy Joe, we are all well aware of this by now. The man has done everything short of jump up and down and yell it through a bullhorn.

All he is doing it making a mess that the next president is going to have to clean up. We do not want to count our chickens before they hatch but how could anyone possibly want to continue down this path for another four years? There is no way in heck. The next GOP president is going to be left with an unholy massacre to clean up in Afghanistan because of this stupidity.

Biden does not seem to realize that you can’t walk into a country, establish a whole new form of government and then walk back out. This is a recipe for disaster and we are already watching it unfold. Sadly, it was easy to see coming. Biden did not care because he is too busy catering to the whims of the far left. Did you ever stop to consider that they do not care about the Taliban’s impending victory?

No, they will not care until the problem makes its way back over here. We can see it now. They are going to be posting black squares on social media and messages about the importance of praying for Afghanistan. It’s absolutely ridiculous and the far left should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this message.

Biden is claiming that we need to take a step back and allow the Afghans to figure it out for themselves. Okay, if this was the case…..why did we ever intervene in the first place? It’s a question that needs answering.