This Is What Happens to Afghan Women After Biden Abandoned Them! Slavery, Rape, Beatings and Executions (Video)

In 1999, before the Taliban was able to launch an attack against the United States, they showed their true colors. They executed a woman who was hiding beneath her pale blue all-enveloping burqa. This was their first public execution since the Taliban has seized control of Kabul at the time. The Associated Press reported on the matter at the time:

“The woman, identified only as Zarmeena, a mother of seven children, was found guilty of beating her husband to death with a steel hammer as he slept. The reason for the killing two years ago was a family dispute,” according to a Taliban soldier, who didn’t give his name.

Zarmeena was taken from the back of a pickup truck that drove into the sports stadium. Two female police officers, both in deep blue burqas, held Zarmeena’s arms.

Witnesses said the convicted woman walked slowly, each step followed by a pause.

When she reached the center of the field she was ordered by one of the women to sit.

Behind her a young Taliban soldier, his head wrapped in the traditional turban, took aim with his Kalashnikov rifle. But suddenly Zarmeena stood up and tried to flee. A policewoman stopped her and forced her to sit, said witnesses.

The Taliban soldier moved closer and shot her three times.

Afterward from the crowd several people shouted “Allahu Akbar! (God is great.)”

The Taliban stormed the Kabul over the weekend and were able to seize control of the presidential palace. “”I see people crying, they are not sure whether their flight will happen.” The chop of U.S. military helicopters whisking American diplomats to Kabul’s airport punctuated a rush by thousands of others to flee, as the Taliban reached Afghanistan’s capital,” the Associated Press reports.

This is what Biden has wrought. Women are not being given the chance to enjoy equal rights under any circumstances but this is what the administration. This is where the leftists should be coming into play. Aren’t these the same people who like to claim that they care deeply about women’s rights?

Where are they now? By pulling out of Afghanistan at this crucial juncture, they are allowing the Taliban (a notoriously misogynistic regime that regularly engages in cruelty to women) to take over. Where is all of their care for women during a time like this? We know that we are asking a lot of questions but they needed to be answered long before now.

This is the administration that wanted everyone to think they cared about the plight of women. They are the ones who swore up and down that Donald Trump was some sort of menace who did not care about anyone but himself. Now, they are abandoning the Afghan women and forcing them to fend for themselves. It’s a pretty interesting bit of trickery going on here.

The Democrats have long acted like they are the party who has everyone’s best interests at heart and this includes women. Instead of admitting that they could not care less, they are going to act like it is a smart idea to leave Afghanistan while these women fend for themselves. Biden and Psaki won’t answer for any of this at all, either.

We would love to see what would happen if they were taken to task for any of this. That’s why they conveniently scheduled a vacation once they made this decision. Psaki isn’t even in the office to take accountability. They stuck others with this awful task, while Sleepy Joe takes naps and plays video games. That’s all the old codger can handle at this point.

Biden should barely be allowed behind the wheel of a car at the moment, let alone running a country. He needs a nice glass of warm milk and his blanket. From there, the GOP needs to get back behind the wheel themselves. Biden has driven us into a ditch and it is time to take the keys away before he has a chance to do any more damage.