Biden Admin Sending Text Messages to Americans Trapped in Afghanistan: “Sorry, You’re on Your Own”

Sara Cook, a CBS reporter, has posted a note that was received by American soldiers who are stationed in Kabul and it is a sad sight. These Americans are trying their best to escape the horrific conditions in Afghanistan that have been created by Sleepy Joe himself.

They were told that they needed to head to the Kabul airport but they were also told that their safety could not be guaranteed. What kind of nonsense is this? According to a congressional aide who spoke with CBS, no partners are left in Afghanistan to help the 10,000-15,000 Americans who are stuck there.

These people are on their own now and they have Biden to thank for that. “A congressional aide tells @CBSNews we have no partners left in Afghanistan to safely get Americans in-country to Kabul. “There are 10-15k AmCits who still need to get out, and that obviously doesn’t include the tens of thousands of SIVs or P2 applicants trying to get out of Afg,” Cook tweeted.

The Biden administration even sent out a message that explicitly lays it all out: you are not safe and you are going to have to fend for yourself. This is why so many Americans are angry about the handling of this withdrawal. No one is saying that we needed to remain in Afghanistan forever but this could have been planned much better, so that Americans could remain safe.

Anyone who thinks that this was handled properly is in the minority and they are never going to be able to live it down. The polls even show that Biden’s approval rating is starting to slip. This is happening even though most Americans would agree that we had no real choice in this matter.

We have been occupying the nation for 20 years now and an insane amount of money has been spent. When we stop to think about the government waste that took place here, we get sick to our stomachs. In that sense, it is easy to see why Biden made this choice. In typical Sleepy Joe fashion, he manages to foul things up even when the general idea that he has is a good one.

Now, Joe has created a mess that is too big to be cleaned up in any sort of normal circumstance, we are left to wonder what comes next for these Americans who trapped on the other side of the planet. They basically have nothing to go on and have no idea when they will have the chance to find their way home. Biden and his team did not think of this until it was too late.

The new problem that is also going to come into play here is the relocation of the refugees that they are creating with this silly plan. Biden’s lack of foresight has placed us in an impossible position in this regard. Instead of having a plan in place to deal with this, we are going to be left to scramble to find them new homes.

He’s already looking for third parties to assume some of the responsibility. Can you imagine how infuriating that must be as a foreign leader, to watch Biden botch the job this badly and then ask you to bail him out? They have to be livid over it and we would be, too. He should have carefully considered this eventuality before he embarked on this path but that would require thoughtfulness.

Biden now has his very own Saigon to preside over and we suspect that he likes it this way. He can now act like he’s got the answers after he is the one to make the mess in the first place. It’s a pretty sweet gig if you can get it. Sleepy Joe has made an unholy crap storm (we are trying to keep this as PG as possible) and he needs to think twice before he takes his next step .