Can You Spot the Difference? UK Sends Paratroopers Into Kabul to Evacuate UK Citizens While Biden Tells US Citizens They’re on Their Own

The stories that we have seen coming out of Afghanistan are enough to reduce a grown man to tears. These people have been left to fend for themselves, as Joe Biden cruelly removes all American assistance and lets things go to hell in a handbasket. The videos and pictures of citizens pleading for help are heartbreaking to witness.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan has taken a sad turn under Sleepy Joe’s direction, which is hard to deny. A second security alert has been sent to the Americans who are stranded in Kabul right now. “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CANNOT ENSURE SAFE PASSAGE TO THE HAMID KARZAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT,” the US Embassy in Kabul told American citizens in a security alert today, per @kylieatwood, adding space on evac flights will now be available on “first come, first serve basis,” tweeted Kaitlan Collins.

This is about as bleak as it gets and we wonder what Biden was thinking when he came up with this half-baked plan. He was not thinking at all, was he? Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin, the two of you are responsible for the abandonment of a sizable number of Americans. There are at least 10,000 Americans trapped in Kabul who cannot leave their homes at the moment.

These people are being told that it is time to figure out their own travel arrangements. Why didn’t Biden give these people any sort of lifeline? It was more important for him to win the day from a news standpoint than it was to actually come up with a good plan. Now, we are being made to look even worse by the UK, which actually does have a plan to help their own citizens.

Biden can sit there and say that this is a best-case scenario if he wants to but we know better. The British government has shown us better, as they are actively working to help their citizens get home safely right now. Biden, on the other hand, is sitting on his duff and hoping that someone else will come to the rescue.

The mainstream media has been pretending that Biden had the right plan here but we all know the real truth. Any country that actually cares about their residents is never going to behave in this manner. This is what happens when your primary goal is appealing to the progressives who helped you steal an election, not helping the people who you are currently screwing over.

Hopefully, a smart reporter rubs all of this in Biden’s face and gets him to snap publicly. He’s already been sniping at reporters who are not fans of how he handled this because he cannot handle any form of constructive criticism. The Russell Review has correctly noted that the UK government is sending soldiers and telling them to prepare for combat, while the US does this:

“The Taliban are controlling the parameter of the airport; there are reports of dead bodies littering the streets, chaos, and violence, and Biden-Harris have no plan to get Americans out.

They are negotiating with the Taliban to let them out, but today the WH accused the Taliban of going back on their word. What a surprise!

Are Americans dying? I hate to write that. But we have no way to know where they are or what is happening to them. None. And we aren’t going in to retrieve them,” they shared on their Instagram page.

This is how bad things have gotten and we suspect that they are going to get even worse before they have a chance to get better. “Things are so bad between US and UK forces at Kabul Airport, #Afghanistan, 2 Para have been tasked to observe US forces in case they leave at short notice. 2 Para OC had a screaming match with 82nd Airbourne CO. Paras VERY unhappy at treatment of Afghans by US forces,” Alex Tiffin shares. We are praying for you, fellow Americans.