Wow, the Most Transparent Administration? Biden Omitted Macron’s Criticism of Biden’s Idiotic Afghanistan Debacle

Afghanistan has fully completed their free fall into the waiting arms of the Taliban, thanks to the policies of Joe Biden. The Biden administration loves to claim that they are the most transparent administration that this country has ever had. That is the furthest thing from the truth and they prove it on an everyday basis.

For example, many are probably unaware of the harsh criticisms that have taken place, especially those that come from other foreign leaders. Emmanuel Macron is chief among them, as he does not agree with Biden’s exit strategy here one bit. Macron is pleading with Biden at the moment but those pleas are falling on deaf (and sleepy) ears.

He wants Biden to show some moral responsibility for the mess that he has created by also assisting our Afghan allies who have watched their country descend into chaos. The Biden team omits these types of criticisms from their usual readouts because it goes against their desired narrative.

Biden hasn’t even been in office for one year yet and he’s already going to destroy the United States from the inside out. The Guardian has more about these newest developments:

“The White House’s readout of a call between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron on the crisis in Afghanistan leaves out an impassioned plea from the French president that the US and its allies have a “moral responsibility” to evacuate Afghan allies.

The French government’s readout of the conversation was released on Friday, a day after the call took place, and indicates that Macron emphasized ensuring the safe evacuation of Afghan citizens who assisted American and European troops over the past 20 years at great risk to themselves and their families.

According to the readout, Macron described the mission to evacuate allies as a “moral responsibility” and told Biden: “We cannot abandon them.”

The Élysée said Macron “underlined the absolute need to ensure rapid and concrete coordination among allies on the ground to continue the evacuations”.

The White House version, however, made no mention of a “moral responsibility” to evacuate Afghan allies.

“They lauded the tireless efforts of their personnel working closely together in Kabul on the evacuation of their citizens, the brave Afghans who have stood by us and our Nato partners, and other vulnerable Afghan nationals,” the White House said in a brief description of the call.”

Biden’s lies have to stop at some point, we would like to think. We do not expect him to have an attack of conscience out of nowhere but we do expect that he would like to stop being humiliated at some point. There is one aspect that Macron neglected to mention and it bears noting.

How can Biden give a hoot about the Afghan allies who are trapped here when he could not care less about the Americans? This is not Macron’s fault, there is no way he could have known how little Biden cares about his fellow Americans. They have been left to end for themselves, so how could he ever care about the Afghan allies who have been forced to find their own way?

These are hard questions with no immediate answer. The idea that Joe Biden would care at all about any form of “moral responsibility” is ridiculous to consider but we can see why Macron actually took the time to say it. If only the mainstream media would actually take the time to report it, then we might have something here.

The incompetence that has been on full display here is a lot to take in but Biden does not care about any of that. He is going to keep telling the story in a manner that suits him, without caring one iota about the safety or well-being of our allies. Macron and other foreign leaders who have rightfully taken issue with him had better get used to the idea of their words falling on uninterested ears.