Baghdad-Psaki Insists No Americans Are Stranded in Afghanistan

The semantic debates are getting out of hand, aren’t they? We guess that the White House has a point here but we are not sure who they are making it for. Are the people who are stranded currently going to take solace in the fact that they have a chance to be evacuated? If I’m looking out of the window of my Kabul apartment waiting for help, this is not helping me sleep any better.

The Taliban and ISIS are roaming the streets and the airport is not even safe. Transit is currently very difficult and no one seems to know what is going to happen on next Tuesday. For those who are unaware, the 31st is the drop dead date for removing Americans from Afghanistan. The Taliban has already said that they have no interest in extending the date.

Meanwhile, Psaki is still maintaining the same party line about no Americans being stranded. We are not linguistic experts and we can’t quite bend our words as well as these bumbling fools but we are going on a huge limb here. They are stranded! No amount of doublespeak or cutesy language finesse is going to change that.

On the other hand, John Kirby was questioned about this and he was not as willing to quibble with the description. “Since the mission with the three Chinooks that rescued the 169 Americans have there been any other airlift rescue operations? And is that maybe a way that other Americans who are still stranded might be able to get to the airport?” he was asked.

Instead of finding a way to talk around what was being said, Kirby’s response was straight to the point. “No. And I won’t speculate about potential future operations going forward,” he replied. “If you are behind enemy lines and it’s too dangerous to get to the point of evacuation, you are stranded,” said Rich Lowry.

These men see the situation for what it is because they do not have a vested interest in making Biden look good. The White House is in a whole different boat. These people are isolated, they have very little chance at a short term rescue and they have the blinding incompetence of the Biden administration to thank for that.

“An American woman is stranded in Kabul, all alone. When she tried to get to the airport, the Taliban beat her for the crime of traveling without a male escort. She has heard nothing from the State Department—only from free lance volunteers a world away,” Matthew Downer shared. This comes straight from the office of Tom Cotton.

The Democrats are going to be complaining about these comments soon enough but they are going to have to quit the grumbling at some point. It is time for Biden to roll up his sleeves and come up with a plan that actually makes sense. All they are doing right now is pointing fingers at the press. The Huffington Post is backing them up all the way:

“The media tends to bend over backwards to ‘both-sides’ all of their coverage, but they made an exception for this,” said Eric Schultz, a deputy press secretary under President Barack Obama. “They both-sides coverage over masks, and vaccines, and school openings and everything else. Somehow [the Afghanistan withdrawal] created a rush to judgment and a frenzy that we haven’t seen in a long time.”…

A source close to the White House identified this dynamic to HuffPost. “They are elevating the Blob, whose members spent years lying about progress in Afghanistan (and who often have financial conflicts of interest),” the source said, using the “blob” colloquialism that refers to the Washington foreign policy establishment. “The result is that many in the press are left effectively endorsing the view that the U.S. should have sent more American service members into Afghanistan to fight and die to stop another Taliban offensive ― despite supposedly being impartial.”

Stop trying to lawyer your way out of this, Biden! Stand up and be a man for once.