Betrayed! Biden Admin Announce Troops in Kabul Are Leaving While Thousands of Americans Are Begging for Their Lives in Afghanistan

As we all know, the United States is in the process of starting their withdrawal from Afghanistan. Because of Joe Biden’s haphazard strategies, thousands of Americans now find themselves in an impossible position. Fox News Pentagon reporter Lucas Tomlinson has shared information about America’s willingness to reduce our overall level of troop presence.

Instead of creating an environment where the Taliban feels more empowered, Biden has allowed them to push him around in ways that would be funny if so many lives were at stake. He cannot even get them to compromise on their deadline of August 31. That’s the drop-dead date and the Taliban is sticking to it.

The terrorists run the show now. Biden is merely accepting his marching orders. There’s not much that he can do otherwise. He’s backed himself into quite the corner here. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid spoke with reporters recently and said that there is no chance of them moving off the deadline.

Afghans are also not going to be allowed to leave the country. Biden really messed this one up royally. They have all of the weapons, missiles, aircraft and money that they need now. What are the odds that they are going to reverse course and be willing to help out Americans in need? It’s not going to happen.

This is what takes place when you allow a weak and ineffectual president to take control. None of this ever would have happened if Trump was at the helm. Let’s be quite frank here, it’s not like Biden has any real responsibility to the American people. His only loyalty is to the people who were willing to pull the strings to get him in the big chair.

He’s comfortable watching Americans suffer because he knows that he is never going to pay the price for what he has done. The mainstream media loves to carry the water for him at all times. What does he plan on doing once all of the refugees need a place to stay?

Biden won’t be doing a single thing to help them. He also has no intentions of helping out Americans. He knows that no one is going to call him out if they are not willing to assist. It’s a sad day when Biden has significantly weakened the level of respect that our military has as well. We never thought that we would see the day.

To make matters even worse, he has seen fit to send Harris on an international tour, during a time when our standing has never been weaker worldwide. She’s running around Southeast Asia pretending that everything is okay and it is so sad to watch. They are even shooting reporters away from her for the crime of asking questions about the botched withdrawal.

How dare they have to answer questions about this horrible plan! That’s truly how they feel about it. On one level, it is nice to see them being honest about their intentions here. They are not even bothering to engage in the usual political doublespeak that we tend to see in these situations.

It must be nice to know that you can do anything you want and no one will be able to really check you on it. Biden was able to steal an election and it’s only made him bolder and bolder. We wish that we had a legitimate president who was able to guide us through this turbulent time.

Does anyone in their right mind really think that Donald Trump would have allowed this to go so badly? He set the table for this withdrawal while he was president but he did not get the chance to see it through. That’s the saddest part of all. We got to see a glimpse of what it would be like if we had real competency to look up to. Oh well, at least we get to laugh at Biden’s wet-brained stupidity.