Whatever Happened to “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists?”

We have all seen this coming from a mile away. In reality, they should be admitting that they are taking their orders from the terrorists now. There isn’t any negotiating going on here anyway. The Taliban tells Joe Biden to jump and he starts jumping until they tell him to stop.

Even Jen Psaki cannot talk her way around this one. She is willing to note that the Taliban is in control of Afghanistan at least. That’s a start! We are now stuck making a terrible choice: we can either meet the demands that they have set or we can continue to fight with them.

Since the withdrawal has already begun because we are tired of the fight, this leaves us with precious little recourse. “Why haven’t we heard The President say ‘The United States does not negotiate with terrorists?’ Is that still the U.S. policy?” a reporter asked Psaki. “Of course it is, Peter, but…” is a telling response, that is for sure.

There was an obvious reply that was sitting there free for the taking but she was unable (or unwilling) to seize on it. She should have told him that we are in the mess we are in because Joe Biden thought he could successfully negotiate with terrorist. He’s done a crappy job of it and now we are left to wonder just how bad things are going to get. This presser was full of notable moments.

Near as we can tell, the Biden administration is hoping that the Taliban will be ready to help us out with our own evacuation. It is a hilarious turn of events, to say the least. We are supposed to have all Americans out by next Tuesday which seems like an impossible task at this point. Even our Afghan allies are still stuck.

How do we even get our people out of there at this point, since the Taliban has the Kabul airport under full control? These are questions that Psaki and Biden seem ill equipped to answer at the moment. When Psaki was asked about it, she seems hopeful that the Taliban will work with us. It’s a bold strategy and we cannot wait to see how it plays out for them.

“The WH says it intends to offer a “range of assistance” after the US leaves Afghanistan, including consular services. So, does Biden expect the Taliban to provide safe passage for Afghans *after* 8/31? @PressSec says it’s a US expectation, and the subject of “active” talks,” Steven Portnoy tweeted.

Tony Blinken also chimed in on the matter. “[email protected] says “there is no deadline” on evacuating Americans and Afghan allies from Kabul airport: “That effort will continue every day past August 31st,” he tweeted. These comments hint towards the Taliban playing a role in the evacuation. However, these men are not sharing the part that actually matters here. The United States military is still in harm’s way, as they are the ones who are going to be handling the bulk of this task.

Of course, the Taliban is making promises about allowing safe passage now but who’s to say what they are going to do once the big day arrives? They could easily go back on that and Biden would have no recourse to speak of. That’s the unspoken thing here and that’s what Psaki is dancing around. The stranded Afghan allies have already been told that they should simply head for the border and make a run for it.

Many of these people have already attempted that and it is not going well for them. What makes Psaki and Biden think that it would be any different for the stranded Americans? The refugee crisis that is currently brewing is going to be an awful one. Oh well. At least the polling numbers show that Americans are still in favor of a withdrawal. That is all that Biden cares about.