California Fires Burn with Little Hope of Control

We have grown up singing (or at least humming) the worlds of “America the Beautiful.” We believe those words as we look to the amber waves of grain and the purple mountain majesties to remind us of our incredible country.

When it’s on fire, it’s hard to accept. It’s even harder to accept knowing that the governor isn’t doing anything – nor is the federal government.

It’s as if Governor Newsom of California has decided to let the state burn as a testament to the dumpster fire of an administration that he has led. And as for it being a state of emergency, the Biden administration hasn’t really sprung to action. They seem just as content to let it burn as the state’s own governor.

We’re dealing with some of the largest wildfires in the state’s history.

The Caldor Fire has been burning for two weeks – and it’s only approximately 13% contained. The entire southern side of Lake Tahoe has received evacuation warnings because the fire is advancing so quickly.

If the Caldor Fire was the only fire burning in California, it would provide at least some hope. However, that is not the case. There is also the Dixie Fire, which has burned from one side of the Sierra Nevada to the other – the first in history. The Dixie Fire is so large that it’s the second-largest in the state history with over 750,000 acres being consumed. And to make matters worse, it’s only 48% contained.

Officials have said that one of the dangers of the Caldor Fire is that there’s a large amount of critically dry vegetation along with strong winds. The result is that the flames are often cast over a mile ahead of the blazing fire itself.

So far, the fire has destroyed over 400 homes and over 160,000 acres. Over 20,000 structures have been threatened, too.

The crews are doing all that they can – but they need help. They need reinforcements – and they need to know that there’s a better plan moving forward so that this doesn’t happen again next year.

As the fire continues to blaze, it’s threatening more heavily populated areas. Lake Tahoe is home to 21,000 people. If it continues to burn, it will soon become Nevada’s problem as well. Carson City isn’t too far away from seeing the flames – and after that, Reno would be the next major city to see its impact.

This isn’t a singular state’s problem. As the fires burn, the wind is blowing the smoke clear across the state. According to some government models, the smoke is even showing up in the atmosphere over New York City.

We have to pay attention to what threatens the U.S. Right now, we have a fire that is essentially burning out of control. Biden has approved wildfire disaster aid, but that’s not enough. Most of that aid will only help individuals and businesses rebuild. What about getting the fire under control and implementing hazard mitigation measures?

During Biden’s presidential bid, he live-streamed a speech in 2020 regarding California’s wildfires. At the time, he was criticizing Trump. Now, it seems that his words have come back to bite him. “It requires the president to meet the threshold duty of the office, to care for everyone, to defend us from every attack seen and unseen, always and without exception.”

Perhaps he needs to follow his own advice so that the fires can be contained once and for all.