No Learning Loss? Teachers Unions Show Off Ignorance in Claims

All across the country, children struggled to learn in 2020 because of how so many schools closed their classroom doors. Children were forced to log on from home, a public library, or anywhere else where they were allowed to go to get an internet connection.

Some kids logged on daily. Some kids never logged on.

Kids grew frustrated without having social interactions. Kids grew tired of not having one-on-one instruction from the teacher.

Group projects didn’t happen. Tactile learning didn’t happen. Presentations didn’t happen.

Yet, the United Teachers Los Angeles wants to make the ignorant claim that there was no learning loss. It sounds like the teachers’ union’s head, Cecily Myart-Cruz is in denial when she says, “there is no such thing as learning loss.”

There was absolutely a learning loss – and teachers across the country are doing whatever they can to make up for it now that students are back in the classroom.

What Myart-Cruz is doing is justifying the liberal governor’s actions to keep schools closed for as long as he did. When she was asked what locking most of the schools down for a year and a half due to COVID did to the 600,000 students in LA county, she says that “our kids didn’t lose anything.”

This is tough to swallow because the kids lost more than learning. They lost their love of learning and they lost their socialization skills.

Myart-Cruz wants to go on to say that “It’s OK that our babies may not have learned all their time tables.” Instead of learning about multiplication, they went on to learn about resilience and survival.

What the head of the teachers’ union fails to realize is that if the students didn’t learn something in the grade they were supposed to, they’ll continuously be behind. Instead of re-teaching multiplication tables, they’ll go on to learn what they were supposed to for that next grade. Soon, it will catch up to them that they never learned multiplication – and the learning loss of 2020 will be quickly realized.

Myart-Cruz wants to boast that they learned survival. It’s not as if the kids were dropped in the middle of a desert. They were dealing with a pandemic. And, they learned the liberal meaning of survival – strap a mask to your face and hide. Don’t come out of hiding until the governor says that it is okay. That’s not survival; it’s cowardice.

Oh, but there is one thing that they learned – and Myart-Cruz seems to be quite proud of this one. They learned the difference between a riot and a protest. She says they also learned the meaning of such words as “insurrection” and “coup.”


So, we are fine with teaching students about the liberal side of politics. We are fine with teaching them that it is okay to protest and what takes it to the next level to become a riot.

There have been a lot of progressive issues pushed under Myart-Cruz’s leadership. She’s been focused on racial justice, eviction relief, getting rid of school police officers, and providing financial support for undocumented families.

Someone has to step in so that this woman can stop ruining education. “Education is political,” she added. “People don’t want to say that, but it is.”

That’s where she’s gone wrong – and students are the ones that will pay the ultimate price when they find their education lacking by the time they graduate.