AOC Has a Bone to Pick with Biden…And It’s Not About Afghanistan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not one to keep quiet when she sees something that she doesn’t like. And don’t think that just because she’s of the same political party as Biden that she’s going to play along with everything.

She’s noticed something about Biden’s latest nominee for the U.S. ambassador to Japan – and she’s calling Biden out on it, calling the move “deeply shameful.”

Who is this nominee and what has he done to piss off AOC?

Well, the nomination is for former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. He wasn’t the greatest mayor, so he seems like an odd choice to become the U.S. ambassador to Japan. That’s not all, though.

AOC claims that when Emanuel was mayor, he “helped cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald – a mere teenager when he was shot 16 times in the back by a Chicago Police Officer.”

Yikes. Okay, so it seems that AOC might actually have a point with this particular rant. She said that it was an embarrassment that the Biden administration would even consider Emanuel for the position. Further, with the former mayor’s cover-up, AOC believes it should be an automatic disqualifying factor for any position of trust, “let alone representing the United States as an ambassador.”

Biden doesn’t know how to get anything right these days. Most members of Congress who are calling the president out are doing so over Afghanistan.

AOC has chosen a completely different reason to call him out – and it’s honestly a breath of fresh air to see a Democrat call out the Democratic president for being shameful.

The Senate will be the one voting to confirm the nomination. AOC is a member of the House, so she doesn’t have much pull. However, she has called on the Senate to act accordingly because she doesn’t believe that the Biden administration should reward Emanuel for the “embarrassment and betrayal of the values we seek to uphold both within our nation and around the world.”

Well, she seems to be on a roll with this one. She’s spot-on. The nation has taken a huge hit with the way that the rest of the world sees us. President Biden has turned us into an embarrassment in the way in which we’ve handled Afghanistan.

We cannot allow any more embarrassment to take place. If Emanuel is guilty of this cover-up, he absolutely should not be confirmed.

Yet, there are a lot of Democratic Senators, including Chuck Schumer, who will go along with anything that Biden wants.

If AOC wants to stop this confirmation from happening, she may have to team up with the Republicans (gasp) to stop Biden from getting what he wants.

Emanuel has no business being the ambassador of Japan. He was a crappy mayor and was voted out in 2019. For the past two years, he’s done nothing – and yet, Biden will take pity on him and reward him with an exceptional position.

Biden continues to fail and flail his way through the presidency. Meanwhile, even those within his party are calling him out for the ways in which he is failing the nation.

With the liberal following that AOC has, maybe she can push for his resignation…