Biden’s Beloved Bill in Peril As Democrats Line Up To Reject It

Joe Biden has the strange goal of pushing through a bill that would essentially turn America upside down as a nation. The cost of what he proposes is so high that future generations will struggle to pay off the old man’s debt. Progressive Democrats love his massive trojan horse bill. He wants to pass through the House and Senate because he does not want to give people time to read through the bill rapidly.

The Democrats are scared to death of the upcoming midterm elections. They are concerned that their voter base will vote them out because the party as a whole has fractured under the strain of Joe Biden.

The country is sick and tired of the lies and abuse under Biden. And some Democrats are worried that they will lose their seat if they agree with and get behind the president on things that he wants to push through.

Stephanie Murphy is one of those Democrats. She represents a district in Florida that has the potential of flopping red in the midterm elections. She has come out against Biden’s bill and refuses to push the bill out of the Ways and Means Committee.

Murphy stated very clear that “I don’t think it’s asking too much to want to see this bill in its entirety before voting on any part of it. I think that’s asking for the absolute minimum.” Murphy wants to put the brakes on the bill and slow it down so she and others can make an informed decision on the bill.

Every notion that Biden is trying to cram a bill through should raise red flags that he is trying to hide something. But for Murphy is concerned about the return after the 2022 election. The half-awake Democrat is the first one in her fractured party to come out and voice any opposition against Biden’s insanity. She finally has learned what it means to represent her voters instead of listening to Nancy Pelosi and following party lines.

Some so many people do not want to see Biden’s bill become law. The American Action Network is one organization that is fighting to stop the advancement of the bill. They are warning that Murphy may not be all she claims to be. The AAN wrote that “*LONG* list of reasons folks should be skeptical of @RepStephMurphy here.”

They went on to point out that “She already caved to Pelosi once. She’s only speaking out after @AAN put up ads in her district and after AAN released polling showing the bill upside down *11 points* in #FL07.”

They have shown that even the opposition is concerned with what their voters are thinking of them. But that is better than having a sad Democrat blindly following party lines and just agreeing with trojan bills without reading through them.

Calvin Moore is the director of Communications with AAN. He said, “It’s a shame it took the fear of ads and abysmal poll numbers for Stephanie Murphy to finally speak out for her constituents. Congresswoman Murphy already caved to Pelosi once. Voters should be skeptical of Murphy’s promises until she proves her words are anything more than just empty rhetoric.”

The bill also has its supporters. The progressive communist, Mondaire Jones, out of New York, stated, “I don’t want to fix a dollar amount on what the final product should be, but it must meet the moment. I share the president’s optimism that Democrats will once again come together… and do the right thing.”

The little commie thinks that Biden is the answer to all of America’s problems. He thinks that the old can fix everything. He fails to see the failures of the president and the messes he has made around the world.

The price tag of $3.5 trillion has other moderate Democrats concerned. One report noted that “moderate Democrats, namely Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV), have already signaled their opposition.” When so many liberals are wary of supporting Joe Biden and his ideas, there is a serious problem. Biden no longer represents the United States. He has befriended the enemy and is looking for ways to give them a victory in America.