What! Biden Admin Removed Border Wall Sections to Make Sex & Drug Trafficking Easier and More Profitable for Mexican Cartels

Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit have made their way to the southern border, at long last. Biden and his administration did not want to see this happen. They were hoping that they could hide all of the real issues that were taking place from the more intrepid reporters who were trying to investigate.

For many years now, Tucson, Arizona has functioned as one of the most prominent national level distribution centers for illicit drugs. Once they have been smuggled across the border, they pour into our country at an alarming rate. There are only 65 miles separating these would be smugglers from the city limits.

There are a wide range of isolated trails to make this process even easier. It’s like the perfect path has been laid out for them already. Trump made this area a high priority when he was president and with very good reason. 245 miles of wall were eventually constructed along the Arizona-Mexico border, creating a higher level of protection than we have ever had.

The access points that were once available to the border crossing drug dealers were finally sealed off. President Trump is no longer in office, so these access points are back open again. Southern Arizona is always going to be a favorite for drug traffickers but now that the wall is gone, we are back to fearing them once more.

How can Biden reconcile this behavior? The smugglers can come and go as they please now, without a worry or a care in the world. Biden has created an environment where all they need to do is look both ways before they cross. If they are able to avoid agents, they are good to go. This is not what Trump wanted but it is never about what Trump wants anymore.

Biden cannot and will not admit that Trump tried his best to position this county for future success. “Made a trip to Southern AZ border to check out the #BidenBorderCrisis It’s worse than I thought.. Apparently Trump’s wall was working too well, so they cut a few GIANT holes in it for the illegals,” Julian Conradson reported.

The Gateway Pundit and other conservative news sources have been trying their best to get to the bottom of this. Conradson’s findings have to be alarming, even to those who may not consider themselves to be conservative thinkers. We are willing to bet that there are even some liberals in Arizona who are worried about the flow of illegal drugs into their communities. Why wouldn’t they be?

Half a dozen sections of the wall that Trump had put in were removed. The convenient placement of the remaining pieces makes it easy for smugglers to evade the authorities. If we did not know better, we would have to assume that Biden wants the drugs to flow freely and easily. Local guides have said the cutout sections are actually brand new, so this is a relatively new development.

The wall went from being fully intact to being a thing of the past. It didn’t take that long at all, which makes us wonder what Biden has planned next. “In one of the most heavily trafficked drug routes in Southern AZ, huge chunks of the southern border wall have been cut out and left wide open Smugglers can now pass through at will..” Conradson shared on Twitter.

“There were 6 or 7 sections cut out of the wall in one 5-mile stretch All completely unsupervised,” he continued. At least now we know why so many smugglers have been able to get through lately. Biden’s stupidity has left the border an absolute mess. This administration is run by frauds who do not know better and we have gotten very tired of seeing it. It is sad to watch four years of hard work get flushed down the drain like this. Biden is waving his middle finger in all our faces.