Gavin Newsom Plans on Burning California to the Ground

California is a state that is plagued with wildfires every year. The latest report dictates that 15,000 firefighters are engaged in battling 14 different fires across the state. Dozens of them will break out throughout the season, and firefighters will take up the challenge of protecting lives. So is it ever a wonder why Gavin Newsom would make battling fires one of his campaign promises. The lousy governor knew precisely what to say to get people to vote for him. But when he stepped into office, it became obvious that he had no intention of honoring his promises. He took his campaign statements and filed them all into the trash can. He then started down a path that would bring him to a recall election. Newsom got into office and started to strangle off the allocated resources and needed to wage a preventative war against fire season. He stopped letting land management do their job of clearing away dead debris from under powerlines and kept agency funding from being used the way it should have been. One fire, in particular, hit the beautiful area of South Lake Tahoe. One report noted that “The lake is no longer crystal clear and most of the businesses remain closed, but South Lake Tahoe is slowly, if cautiously, coming back to life in the shadow of the devastating Caldor Fire that has already claimed 800 homes.” The massive loads of dead plant life left under powerlines and around roadways are prime targets for fires. All it would take is one bolt of lightning or a hot car to get things going. Citizens are wondering why Gavin Newsom is not fighting the fires. One posting on social media stated that “An entire community near me has just burnt to the ground. Newsom has failed this state and its residents. There are people who say the “recall is a waste of money. Try telling that to someone who just lost their home due to his mismanagement.” Newsom has terrorized California to the brink of destruction. His mind only thinks about what he can do to people to tighten control of the state more than ever before. And to cover his sorry agenda, he blames all the fires on the climate and the people living in the war zone. Newsom even tried to stop the wildfires by shutting off the air conditioners to millions of people. He said that overuse of the units was causing the powerlines to exert more power and basically would fail and start a fire. His comments were never proved, but millions of people have suffered in the horrible heat. When Newsom first addressed the people after his election, he repeated his promises regarding the fires. He issued executive orders to help eliminate the fires and stop the climate change that had nothing to do with starting fires. Shear arrogance would think that the wildfires are a new problem. In actuality, the fires started for hundreds of years before the man was ever born. It is a natural way that the land heals itself. But Newsom thought he was the man with all the answers. But all he turned out to be was the person that failed to listen in the classroom when they taught about the history of the fires in California. One report noted about Newsom that “we’ve got a state led by a guy apparently more concerned with sagging poll numbers and a mounting recall election than anything having to do with fire protection, an effort he admitted he “accidentally” overstated by almost 700 percent recently. And hey, how about that decision to close the prison in Susanville earlier this year, which (pending a judge’s restraining order last week) killed off the inmate firefighting program? Think those well-trained and experienced men might be a valuable resource for our overwhelmed fire crews in helping to battle these infernos in the future?” The man is more concerned about saving what is left of his reputation because he knows that his future in Washington is over once he loses the recall election. The families that Newsom has abused deserve to see the man removed from office and put back in the laws of the land.