Biden Finds Out That Even the Media Hates the Way He Is Lounging Around

Joe Biden is just not as popular as he thinks he is. The way he has presented himself throughout his career has many wondering why he didn’t bury his head in the sand decades earlier. He is a man that makes a mess out of just about everything that he gets his hands or nose on. There is not a lot that can be said about polls. They can be used to prove any point a person wants to make. But when it comes to using facts to judge a person, there is little room for error, and a complete picture can be developed as to why the person is hated so much. Joe Biden is a man that is not well-liked. The sheer mockery that the president gets because of his failures and messes is impressive but well deserved. His first 100 days in office were a complete disaster. His first duty was to issue 52 different executive orders that erased Donald Trump from the pages of history. Executive orders are supposed to be used by the president when there is an emergency or the act requires it. But the liberals think that they can abuse the president’s power to pass agenda items that would not become law through the legislative process. But Joe Biden’s abuse of power was aimed at attacking Donald Trump. The sad little president messed up in Afghanistan. He just had to steal the praise away from Donald Trump’s success in Afghanistan by announcing he removed the rest of the troops. Trump had started pulling out but had a plan to transition the government into a stable element. Biden did not like the idea of waiting and screwed up the entire plan. So, now, all the work of American soldiers has been wasted because of his jealousy of Trump. And when the southern border is brought into the mix, it is easy to see why people are not very fond of the crazy president. Biden was not content with the effectiveness of the border regulations. He was ticked off that Trump was so effective with securing the border that he needed to undo what his predecessor had set in place. The old man did not stop for a second to consider the ramifications of what his open border policy would do to the people. He was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids being kidnapped and dropped on U.S. soil. The only thing he could do with them involved placing them in shipping containers fashioned into makeshift homes. And, then, there were the adults that flooded the border with backgrounds of violence so bad that they should be in prison for the rest of their lives. The number of people trying to cross has only increased each month, exponentially. Over a million people have come to the border seeking a free Biden bus pass into the country. With so much anti-American focus coming from the supposedly elected man to represent the people, he is simply not well-liked. He has become the rear end of countless jokes and pokes, such as the one told by the Babylonian Bee. They joked with the thought that CNN had a vast number of employees that hated the president. But, they could not say anything because they would be hunted down. The story stated, “‘This is extremely concerning,’ said CNN president Jeffrey Zucker. ‘In spite of our best efforts to support our dear president, his approval among our employees has fallen to just 98%, down from a previous low of 99.2%. Rest assured—we will find who these employees are who disapprove and ensure they undergo disciplinary measures.'” The iconic slam happens more times than anyone cares to admit. The very notion of Democrats hunting down Republicans can be found throughout the media. The fact that someone took the time to think through how it would be done only seems to radiate with the philosophy of the liberals trying to take over the country. The only way the liberals can take over America would be to eradicate all conservatives, which may be why they want to mark them all as extremists.