Illinois Public Education Goes Extreme and Lets Students Take Mental Health Day

Students in Illinois are now being allowed to take what educators are calling mental health days. Students will not need a doctor’s note or even explain why they are skipping class. All they will have to say is that they are taking the day off for mental reasons. The liberals have found a new way to let students skip out on life and avoid working at their education.

The state is giving kids five days a year where they can skip school. They claim that the reason is because of the pandemic. Mental health problems have come up because a bit of virus ran around the world, scaring liberals into locking people in their homes.

The problem is not based on what the pandemic did to the country. The cause of the problem is that liberal leaders locked kids in their homes to not have any social interaction for over a year. Kids need each other to stay physically and mentally healthy. And when they are kept from interacting, their minds short-circuit. The Democrats are the cause, yet they will not admit that their continuation of the lockdowns and school closures is adding to the issue.

Illinois has voted on legislation that will force schools to accept any excuse for the students to take mental days off from school. Barbara Hernandez is one of the liberals that helped sponsor the bill. The liberals might as well as hand everyone a trophy and tell them that they are all winners.

Letting kids skip school is not the way to help them, and letting them be kids and play is the best solution. One report noted that Hernandez said, “Having this now for all students across the state will be really beneficial, especially with what’s going on with COVID. Many students feel stressed and have developed anxiety and depression because they’re not able to see teachers and friends and may have lower grades due to remote learning. This will allow them to get the help they need.”

Instead of making them skip school, the state needs to let them back in school without the restrictions of masking up and forcing vaccinations on them. The students are going to love the idea because they will have five extra days to skip school. And it can be expected that they will take advantage of every single day.

Supporters of the legislation rank mental illness right up there with broken bones and other serious issues. The problem with the bill is that it does not require students to get a doctor’s note like it would for any other illness. This sets the students up to use these days for anything they want. The only stipulation is that they will have to meet with a mental health professional after two days.

Another issue is that the bill is not offering any help to the students. It is simply telling them to go and find it themselves. The Democrats do not care about anyone. All they are doing is giving kids a free pass to skip school whenever they want. And it forces the parents to pay for mental health bills. School counselors once helped with these issues, but now it seems they are telling kids what they can and cannot do for their futures.

One study noted that the bill could pose a greater danger than it’s designed to solve. The study found that students who miss over 10 percent of school days are more likely to drop out of school than those who stick it out.

Teachers are appropriately trained and nurses are fully capable of helping with mental stress issues. Most of the time, the students need someone to talk with when their friends are not around, and talking is enough to set in motion a path to healing.

The states that have returned to in-class learning are not even having these issues. Yet, the liberal states are showing an increase in mental issues because they will not let the kids be kids. The new bill in Illinois is going to cause more issues than it solves, which is liberalism in a nutshell.